Glider trucks are pumping our smog

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As you drive on the 10, 215, or 60 freeways the typical sight that you see are the vast quantities of trucks on our roads. In fact our region is notorious for goods movement and construction, being a major employer for many of my colleagues at San Bernardino Valley College and Cal-state San Bernardino.

These trucks, however also pollute immensely, especially when I seem them transporting goods where I live in the West side of San Bernardino. Our air pollution is bad enough and now the Environmental Protection Agency is allowing for loopholes to keep dirty glider trucks on the road. Glider trucks are not clean, they are disguised to be but they pollute and cause harm to our communities.

I applaud the leadership of California that stands up against faulty policy that will cause more harm than good for our air, jobs, and future. As a lifelong resident of San Bernardino I hope to see our jobs get cleaner and move towards zero emissions so that we can power our communities safer.

Gaby Cruz, is a current student at Cal State San Bernardino and an active member with the Sierra club. She believes in a cleaner powered future for all.

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