5 Reasons to Exercise Outdoors

courtesy photo/ “Training outdoors gives your mind the opportunity to connect with nature and clear itself from built up stress, tension and frustration.”
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I began focusing on my personal physical fitness 20 years ago and it all started outdoors.

I got my first weight set for Christmas at 12-years-old and set up a workout area on the side of my grandpa’s old metal tool shed in the backyard.

I would be outside working out at night while my cassette player blasted my dad’s back in the day music jams. I remember being outside by myself putting in the work to get stronger while hyping myself up to do another rep.

I’m sure you’ve had those moments when you are super motivated, the adrenaline is pumping and you feel like nothing can stop you.

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I can recall lying down on the bench press looking up into the night and being able to see the stars in the sky just before lifting the bar to knock out the next set (wow a whole 50 pounds). There was something special I enjoyed about being outside while working out and maybe that’s why I continue to be an advocate of getting outdoors to get fit. Here are five reasons I feel we should be training outdoors:

1. Stress Release. Training outdoors gives your mind the opportunity to connect with nature and clear itself from built up stress, tension, and frustration.

2. Sense of Freedom. Training outdoors removes you from the confinements of being indoors most of the day. Think about it, we live indoors and the majority of people typically work indoors; we are not prisoners so get out and feel the sense of freedom.

3. Change of Scenery. Training outdoors changes up the boredom of working inside a gym everyday while creating more energy for your workout. By changing up the scenery of your daily workout you can gain new energy that will improve your motivation and consistency which leads to results.

4. Develop New Workouts. Training outdoors gives you an opportunity to be creative with your workouts by using whatever is available. The entire world becomes your gym; it’s just a matter of you being creative in finding ways to use your new training facility.

5. Meet New People. Training outdoors will connect you with other people and enhance your social network. You will be able to connect with people who might share common interests with you and become friends or professional resources.

There you have it, my five reasons why I feel we should be training outdoors. I do believe gym workouts have a place in fitness but I strongly believe we need to get outside under the sun or moon to keep training fresh and unique. Get out and enjoy the day!

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