Alondra Anaya wore many different hats at Fontana High

Photo COurtesy/Hubbs Foiundation Alondra Anaya was not only Fontana High School female athlete of the year, she was responsible for the school’s homecoming budget.

Alondra Anaya says it was good to be named the Fontana High prom queen. It was additionally pleasing to be named team captain and MVP of Fontana’s volleyball, soccer and track teams. She was happy about being named four times to the California Scholarship Federation and was humbled after being named Fohi’s Ken Hubbs Award winner. But nothing made the recent high school grad more proud than being trusted. Anaya was appointed the business secretary to the Fohi homecoming celebrations, thus was responsible for its fiscal oversight.

“I had a $3,000 budget. I was in charge of the football halftime show, the pep rally, the catering, hiring the DJ. It was very stressful and I was a little overwhelmed,” explained Anaya. “There was lot’s of paperwork for the school, the district and facilities. There were 28 students who worked with me, but I was in charge of all the paperwork and receipts.”

Anaya did recall that one school official was questioned by upper administration about putting so much trust in a 17-year-old. “There were obstacles. I was finally issued keys to everything. At the end of the day, it was rewarding to be recognized and trusted for the things that I did,” explained Anaya.

Outside of being a mentor to incoming freshmen through Fohi’s Link Crew program, Anaya took it upon herself to be a school goodwill ambassador. “I liked going up to students who were always sitting alone at lunch. A lot of those people have not come out of their shell. I tried to introduce them to my friends and have them hang out with us. We made a lot of friends that way. It helps me have a good life by being good to people.”

Anaya will be going to Chico State University in September where she will major in communications with a minor in broadcasting. “I’d like to start in radio and then TV news. I want to be a red carpet host. I’m out of my shell and ready to go,” acknowledged Anaya. “I’m the kind of person who once they set their head to something, it will get done.”

Anaya said she played three sports over the course of four years at Fohi. As team captain of the track team, she ran the 4 x 100 meter relay, 100 hurdles, 300 hurdles and did the high jump. She was the soccer team MVP as a sophomore. She was 1st team All-Sunkist League in volleyball and team MVP, also as a sophomore. “I guess I got senoritis. I wish I was more focused on volleyball as a freshman. I think it’s good to try as many sports as you can as a freshman. Then find one you like and just concentrate on that one. I figured it out too late and it sort of cost me a scholarship.”

Anaya said she learned one harsh lesson in high school. It was when she was elected the prom queen. “My best friend came in second place and got very angry with me. I lost what I thought was a friend. I guess she never was a friend. Other than that, I did a pretty good job of picking friends. It’s important to surround yourself with good people.”

Her long term goal is to study abroad and learn other cultures, maybe England or Australia. “It’s sad leaving high school but I’m looking forward to explore all these great things.”


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