Alternatives to traditional school setting

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A Letter to the Editor by Roy Pinel of Moreno Valley

Many families are facing financial challenges right now due to COVID-19. I know firsthand the toll this takes on students.  Growing up, I bounced around to different schools each year due to financial struggles my family faced. 

If the constant moving wasn’t enough, the bullying and discrimination I faced turned going to school into an uncomfortable responsibility. After several years of convincing, my parents decided to try online schooling. When I joined California Virtual Academy my senior year, it was a completely different experience. 

I felt in control for the first time in my life. I no longer had to adjust to fit the school I was in, rather the school fit my needs. I became disciplined in my school routine, checking my class schedule and keeping my school space organized. 

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Thanks to online school I changed my mind on the importance of higher education. Despite the financial struggles I have experienced much of my life, I will be getting my masters this fall thanks to a full ride scholarship I received. 

To the student who is struggling to stay in school, I encourage you to try alternatives. There is a school option for you. 

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