An open letter to 1st Ward SB residents

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Dear 1st Ward Residents: I am writing in response to the recent false and desperate mailer by my opponent who has broken his promise to campaign fairly and follow the law.

1) My opponent lied. I come from a good, honest hardworking 4th generation 1st Ward Family and I have NEVER been arrested. In fact, I am supported and endorsed by the San Bernardino Police Officers Association (SBPOA) and the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF – Local 935). I respect law enforcement and with your continued support, I will join with First Responders for the betterment of our Ward and our great City.

2) Like most of us, I have taken out three (3) personal loans throughout my entire lifetime: Auto, School and a Home loan. My autos are paid in full, my college school loans have been paid for more than 30 years and my home loan is in good standing and on schedule to be paid in full in 2034.

3) During the economic downturn and national mortgage crisis of ’08, I was temporarily unemployed and feared losing my Family Home. I had two choices: lose my Home or fight to keep what had been in my Family for a generation. I am a fighter so I asked a Federal Court Judge for some breathing room. I was granted the time I needed, caught up on my payments and kept my Family Home and I am proud of that decision because it allowed me to stay in the home that I love, the community I grew up in and I was able to meet ALL of my financial responsibilities and move on with my life!

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I agree with the statement that “as they go low, we go high,” so I wanted to address these three points in an open and transparent letter with you, my friends, family, neighbors and fellow 1st Ward Residents because character and the truth matters; and, hiding behind a shady campaign mailer and trying to cheat by damaging my reputation with false allegations is not good for our Ward and certainly not good for our City. I thank you for your continued support and respectfully ask you for your vote on November 6th!

By Gil Botello

San Bernardino 1st Ward Council Candidate

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