Aristrong Foundation recognizes Dr. G for community work

Chris Villalobos (L) and Colton City Councilman Dr. G.
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By Chris and Nikki Villalobos

The Aristrong Foundation was founded by Chris and Nikki Villalobos at the request of their daughter, Arianna “Ari” Villalobos, who passed away from brain cancer on October 1, 2019.

Ari was a healthy young lady who had just begun her freshman year at Grand Terrace High School when she started developing headaches and blurry vision. Ari was taken to Loma Linda ER where a C.T. Scan would reveal every parent’s worst nightmare, a 6 cm mass sitting deep in the middle of her brain. From that point on, Arianna’s life and our lives would be turned upside down.

After two shunt surgeries, chemotherapy and full brain radiation, Ari became very weak and began to lose her hair. The tumor and its mutation were very aggressive. Ari grew weaker and eventually lost her ability to walk and to talk. Ari took her last breath on October 1, 2019, in her mom’s and dad’s arms.

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Before passing, Ari had asked her parents to promise they would reach out to the community and help those in need. As parents, “We are determined to uphold the mandate and mission given to us by Ari and bring hope and healing to hurting hearts.”

It is for this reason, we have selected Dr. G, Council Member, to be recognized for his many years of community work as a public school teacher of 41 years, historian, musician, community volunteer, and community advocate.

Most recently, Dr. G has responded to a calling by his close friend, Pastor Robert Cruz, who passed away in January. That request involved maintaining and caring for his church, which included providing care, support and encouragement for his church members. This was no small task, but Dr. G took on the responsibility as an outgrowth of his already well-established community work.

“Everyone in the City of Colton knows Dr. G,” says Nikki, who continued, “He knows the city well, continues to help residents, encourages them, and is available to them as much as possible.”

If you were to ask Dr. G about his purpose in life, he would quickly respond emphatically, “First and foremost, I’m a servant of Jesus Christ. As such, I’m here to serve the people of this community.”

“We are pleased to recognized Dr. G for his work in the community, and know that his efforts are exactly the type of commitment and service to the community that best honors the ideas that Ari had in mind.”

For more information about the Aristrong Foundation please check our website or contact us at 909-213-2863. For more information about CITY TALK w/Dr. G, please contact Dr. G @ 909-213-3730.

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