Artist uses music as “storytelling device” to raise awareness

"Enuff is Enuff" music video to memorialize the lives of Dec. 2 terrorist attack victims, spread awareness of city's issue with gun violence.

Photo/Anthony Victoria: The San Bernardino Memorial for the Dec. 2 terrorist attack victims, August 2016.
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Local music artist The Occupation spends a majority of his free time writing songs about issues and events taking place around him.

Growing up around the church as young boy, The Occupation– who prefers to share only his stage name–learned how to sing Gospel, but later turned to Jazz, R&B, Soul, and Hip Hop to gain influence and inspiration for his own musical sound.

Now he holds services as a “storytelling device” to educate people about the social issues in the community.

“It’s a responsibility to do this and do it in a skilled manner,” he said.

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Along with fellow artist Doe Dollaz and Terry Pouncy, the 28-year-old San Bernardino resident visited the Dec. 2 memorial on Orange Show Road and Waterman Avenue last Saturday to shoot a music video for a new single, “Enuff is Enuff”.

Courtesy Photo: The Occupation.
Courtesy Photo: The Occupation.

Like many of the city’s residents, The Occupation viewed the attack that left fourteen people dead and many others wounded as the latest tragedy to afflict San Bernardino. He, his wife, and little girl live about a mile away from the Inland Regional Center.

“It was a day of stress for many of us,” he said. “My wife was at work, at the Kohl’s Warehouse, so it was very worrisome.”

The artist made it clear that he’s not helping make the video for any personal gain. “Enuff is Enuff”, in his opinion, is only a small part of a greater effort to memorialize the lives of the attack’s victims and spread awareness of the city’s issue with gun violence.

“I honestly don’t want to be the spotlight guy,” The Occupation explained. “I just want to raise awareness to urge people to not forget the victims and families.”

The Occupation said he’s hoping the song can raise the spirits of the community. “There are a lot of people that love this. I think this is what’s going to hold this city together: giving something back. It takes a village.”

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