Baker’s Drive Thru celebrates its grand re-opening in Colton

Baker’s Drive Thru celebrates its grand re-opening in Colton

Baker’s Drive-Thru #117 located on West Valley Blvd., celebrated its grand re-opening on February 24th.
The location had been closed for remodel and showcased a newly improved and renovated building ready to serve a variety of good eats to the Colton community.
During the celebration, Mayor Sarah Zamora shared her excitement for the renovation. “We the city of Colton are extremely fortunate and honored by the renovation of this building,” she said as she continued with a story about her late husband, former mayor David Zamora. “When we were dating in high school, he actually worked for Baker’s,” she said. “This is actually the beginning and it’s going to improve this whole area,” said Zamora.
She stated that hopes the renovation will serve as a push for other businesses in the area in an effort to encourage improvements to the area and stimulate the local economy.
The renovation is the onset to a beautification effort for District one of Colton. “It’s actually the very first beautification in the area of many to come,” said Councilman Dave Toro, referencing beautifications projects around the area including the Valero gas station adjacent to Baker’s. “You guys (Baker’s) are the first to get the ball rolling and this time next year, you’re going to see a lot of improvement coming to this area.”
“We’re very excited to be celebrating the grand re-opening of our location here on Pepper Valley. We have high hopes for this being a real catalyst to the community of beautification effort to this area of the city and we’re hoping residents agree and come visit and celebrate with us,” said Baker’s Marketing Manager, Danielle Mitchell.
Baker’s Drive-Thru was established in 1952 by Mr. Neal T Baker, whom opened the first hamburger stand on Highland Avenue in San Bernardino, followed by a second location in 1953 in Rialto, which is still operating.
A true innovator, Mr. Baker created “America’s First Twin Kitchen” operation which offered both American classics and Mexican entrees.
In 1995, Baker’s Drive-Thru again found itself on the forefront of meeting consumer demands by offering a “third kitchen” to include a vegetarian selection to their menu.
The business eventually grew to include 38 restaurants serving Southern California including Victorville to the north, Corona to the west, Beaumont to the east and Upland to the west and everywhere in between.


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