Caden’s Gift Giving Guide

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The holidays are here. Having trouble gift shopping for your middle schooler? Never fear, Caden’s here… and I am a middle schooler. Here are your middle schooler gift giving ideas:

  1. Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch gaming consoles! You can’t go wrong. Maybe even throw in a few games that go with them.
  2. Gaming consoles not in your budget? You can find drones at Toys R Us or Target for a variety of prices.
  3. Shoes and sports gear.
  4. School supplies. For example, I am always losing my mechanical pencils. You cannot have too many!
  5. iPhone or iPod.
  6. Collectible action figures or comic books.
  7. Sports cards – you can find these at card stores or the checkout line at Target.
  8. Laptop or MacBook.
  9. Fill a stocking with candy, cash, and homemade coupons… or coal, if they are bad.
  10. Gift cards – think outside the box, instead of Target maybe Barnes and Noble (we have required school reading), ColdStone or Starbucks.

Happy shopping, gift givers!

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