California State Assemblymember Eloise Reyes hosts 2020 Campaign kickoff

Photo Office of Assemblymember Reyes: At the campaign kickoff Assemblymember Eloise Reyes shared that her plans are to continue garnering equity and inclusion in Sacramento for the District 47 and beyond.
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On January 25, California’s District 47 Assemblymember Eloise Reyes held a campaign kickoff event in Colton on Saturday, Jan. 25.

Over 250 elected officials, community members and volunteers attended the event in support of reelecting Reyes for assembly.

“The campaign kickoff was an incredible success. When I was first elected into the assembly, I ran on being the voice of the community. We often hear that in our region, our voices are left out. It’s been my pleasure to bring the voices of the 47th district to Sacramento,” said Reyes.

During the event, Reyes stressed two components: inclusion and equity.

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“This is about the importance of community. When we support one another, we are able to bring forth opportunities to constituents of the 47th district and beyond. Two words that are often used in my office and in the community are inclusion and equity. When we think of the Inland Empire, we think of inclusion and equity,” shared Reyes.

Since November 2016, Reyes has been behind a large number of bills signed into law, budget proposals to benefit the 47th district and budget wins.

“Some bills that we have passed recently are AB 9, which extends the filing period with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) for complaints of workplace harassment. We also signed AB 1666, which requires the California Complete Count – Census 2020 Office to partner with local contracted educational agencies to make specified information about the 2020 federal decennial census available to students and their parents or guardians at schools, as specified,” Reyes said.

Reyes has also succeeded in obtaining numerous budgets to improve the quality of life for many constituents in the district and the region.

“We garnered $1.3 million for the ongoing preservation of Blue Mountain Trail and Wilderness in the city of Grand Terrace. This will ensure public access to our region’s natural wildlife habitat and Blue Mountain Trail,” continued Reyes.

Recently, she was also behind a $2 million fund to increase civic engagement for low-income youth and families.

“Together we received $2.5 million to begin rebuilding the job training facility at San Bernardino Valley College. This is the first of a multi-year allocation that will total $35 million in state matching funds for the campus to build a new facility,” Reyes said.

Just last year, Reyes and her team partnered with 211 SBC, the Department of Aging and Adult Services, Lutheran Social Services, Knock Knock Angels, and Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino County to house then-homeless woman, Shelia Moten, who they were able to place into a 1 bedroom apartment.

Reyes said she is also passionate about prioritizing time with seniors, in which last year she visited over 500 of them in the district, providing engaging opportunities and a quality social life.

In addition to seniors, Reyes is proud to honor 30 young leaders under the age of 30 every single year; providing them a space to be recognized and network.

“I want to continue to empower the community and I will continue to advocate for the community in Sacramento. One of the top issues I will address is warehouses in residential communities. We need to come together and find a way to use technology to reduce emission from diesel trucks. I want our logistics industry to provide more attention to our communities, along with providing sustainable jobs,” said Reyes.

In addition, Reyes will continue to work on the district’s human services, which includes addressing the increasing homeless crisis in the district and across the state.

“I was born and raised in District 47 and our communities have faced the Great Recession, worsening of air, low wage jobs and the December 2nd terrorist attack. Through numerous challenges, our communities have only gotten stronger,” Reyes said.

“First and foremost I want to thank the community for their continued support. When I am here in Sacramento, I know that I have the voice and blessings of the community. I always ask myself, “How does this help District 47? How does this help the community?” concluded Reyes. For more information, visit

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