Carter High, Black Book Sessions host community art festival

IECN photo courtesy BBS: Carter High teamed up with non-profit Black Book Sessions to host a free creative festival for the Rialto community. Pictured are Carter students welcoming BBS at the entrance to the high school.
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Students and teachers from Wilmer Amina Carter High School teamed up with Black Book Sessions a non-profit organization to put together a free creative festival for the Rialto Community.  Held the day before Mother’s Day, young artists and their families enjoyed a day filled with art and community spirit. The event had hands-on crafts such as ceramics, print making, animation cell’s, D.I.Y. Mother’s Day flower Bouquets and creative healing messages on stars with the Stars of Hope® non-profit organization. Art Club students also had their very own friendly live art battle where each team painted collectively during the show.

Young artists between the ages of 9-24 years old entered the art contest winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes per specific age categories. Allison Merta, age 17, won Best in Show for her art submission called “Noble Pride”. She describes the art piece as “a youth confidently facing the future with dignity, pride and aspirations.” The outstanding detail in her art piece was a show stopper and very advanced for a high school student. She is now eligible for a college Educational Grant through the Black Book Sessions program along with past participating winners.

Black Book Sessions is a traveling creative group hosting free events in different communities throughout Southern California. Volunteers mentor young artists, provide internship opportunities and award educational grants. Next stop will be in Long Beach, CA on August 25th at Centro CHA, Inc. Together, we can make a difference in our local communities by empowering and inspiring young talent. For more details on how you can help please visit:

IECN photo courtesy BBS: Painting by Allison Merta, age 17, “Noble Pride,” Best in Show Winner.
IECN photo courtesy BBS: 18 – 24 year-old Black Book Sessions Winners: 1st place Kimberly “Kai” Cruz, 2nd place Luis Doran, & 3rd place Nicholas Alarcon.
IECN photo courtesy BBS: 14 – 17 year-old Black Book Sessions Winners: 1st place Hillary Wrangler, 2nd place Jade Gamez, & 3rd Jenna McLaughlin.
IECN photo courtesy BBS: 9 – 13 year-old Black Book Sessions Winners: 1st place Jade Caldwell, 2nd place Vanessa Serraldo, & 3rd place Alondra Portillo.

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