Childhood Cancer Foundation of Southern California raises $9,209 during 2020 Virtual Kids Walk

Photo CCFSC: Team Naomi Acosta gathered support from 15 family members to walk in honor of Naomi’s victory in beating cancer, and all of the children battling cancer around the world.
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Childhood Cancer Foundation of Southern California (CCFSC) held its annual Kids Walk in an all-new virtual format, September 1-13.

The event drew in 1,140 walkers, who pledged to go the extra mile for children fighting cancer.

“Today we celebrate all of you who pledged to go the extra mile for children diagnosed with cancer through your participation in the 2020 kids walk; which entailed choosing to walk a daily mile and fundraising through donations or purchasing items at our shop,” said Stephanie Avila, Childhood Cancer Foundation of Southern California executive director.

Photo Eric Sandoval: Manny Sandoval and Denise Sandoval participate in the Kids Walk for the 18th year to raise awareness for childhood cancer.

The organization, which serves families throughout Southern California and partners with Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital and Kaiser in Fontana, raised $9,209 to directly assist children battling cancer and families with a child battling cancer by providing gas cards, food, housing and more.

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At the virtual ceremony, Avila recognized three honorees, as the 2020 Virtual Kids Walk was in memory of Adrian Montes, in victory of Naomi Acosta, and honored current patient Kate Guerrero.

“Every year more than 15,000 children are diagnosed with cancer and about 1,200 children under the age of 15 pass away of this awful disease. September is childhood cancer awareness month and our organization, families, caregivers, charities, and research groups across the United States have observed September as childhood cancer awareness month. We aim to put a spotlight on all the different types of cancer that largely affect children and importantly to help raise funds for research and family support,” continued Avila.

The organization received recognitions from President Barack Obama, President Donald Trump, Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes, Assemblymember Chad Mayes, and State Senator Melissa Melendez,

“I would love to give a huge shout-out to everyone for joining us at our 2020 Virtual Kids Walk. Again, I understand it was different from what we experienced in previous years, but all of you still went into your neighborhoods and painted your towns gold. Thank you for raising awareness and fundraising for our organization so we can continue to make a difference for those whose lives have been affected by cancer. I know COVID has put a halt on many things, but cancer has not stopped and neither have we,” concluded Avila.

With the prevalence of COVID-19 the organization has been impacted and is still in need. To learn how you can support CCFSC, visit

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