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Veteran’s story an example of early Chicano struggle

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<p>World War II veteran Gilbert Zamorano stands next to his medals and awards.By Anthony Victoria Shipping out of Fort Dix, New Jersey on the Queen Mary in 1943, Gilbert Zamorano sang a mexican folk song that portrayed his sentiments of going to war. “Me voy de soldado raso, y ya tengo un rifle y pistola. Lo que puede dejar a mi madre…CONTINUE READING



Renovation plans for Colton stadium presented during board meeting

By Anthony Victoria A few years from now, students at Bloomington and Colton High School may be strolling into new sports stadiums on Friday nights and during ceremonial events. The Colton Joint Unified School District made the modernization of the two venues their priority back in May 2014, and are…CONTINUE READING

Economic Development becoming a reality in Colton

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City of Colton Economic Development Manager Arthur Morgan.By Anthony Victoria Since 2010, Colton’s Economic Development Department has seen slow, but steady, expansion in resident income levels, property tax revenue, and median housing prices that coincided with the development of new business and job opportunities across the city. Manager Arthur Morgan believes Colton’s continuing economic growth will depend…CONTINUE READING

“Crow” and Robert Rojas honored with Military Banners

Courtesy Photo: Tony "Crow" Rojas and his nephew, Robert, were honored with military banners on February 3.By Anthony Victoria Tony “Crow” Rojas and his nephew, Robert, cruised around Colton and San Bernardino in the late 1960s in the former’s low rider—getting in occasional scuffles and hanging with good friends at the park. One of their main hangouts was the A & W restaurant (now Leno’s Ricos…CONTINUE READING

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