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Retailer to allow Instructional Tasting of Alcohol, Beer

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<p>Instructional Tasting demonstrations like the one featured in the photo will be allowed to take place at Wal-Mart due to a Conditional Use Permit modification approved by the city's planning commission.Wal-Mart’s conditional use permit (CUP) was modified during the Planning Commission meeting on April 28 to allow the tasting of alcohol products. The commission voted 6-0-0 in favor of the modification. The retail giant–whose Colton store is located at 1120 South Mt. Vernon Avenue–is now allowed to provide “instructional tasting”…


A golf club figures in brewery startup

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<p>3 Iron brewers Richard Morales (left), David De La Torre (center), and Robert Morales (right).When you have a ten gallon container full of wheat and liquid, it gets difficult to mash it all up and make it into beer. Just ask 3 Iron Brewing Company founder Richard Morales, who according to his business partner David De La Torre used a woman’s 3-Iron golf club…


Organization teaches teens about alcohol and drug use

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<p>Bloomington High School students participating in a house party simulator set up by the Community Coalition for CHANGE (Mental Health Systems) organizers.  It only takes one mistake for an underaged drinker’s world to turn upside down, according to Central Valley Prevention Program specialist Mirza Martinez. For the third consecutive year her organization will partner with Colton High School faculty and staff in an attempt to curb underaged drinking and drug use.…CONTINUE READING

New Hispanic Inland Empire Chamber of Commerce to launch workshop series

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<p>Hispanic Inland Empire Chamber of Commerce board members Martin Valdez, Linda Gonzales, Rolando Ortiz, Connie Avalos, Jorge Grajeda, and Regina Talamantez.The Hispanic Inland Empire Chamber of Commerce (HIECC) will be launching their monthly workshop series beginning on May 19 at 6 p.m. at the Arrowhead United Way, located at 646 North D Street in San Bernardino. According to HIECC chairwoman Linda Gonzales, the workshops will cover a variety of topics…CONTINUE READING

Council urges residents to cut water use; rebates available

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<p>During the city council meeting on April 21, the city’s water conservation specialist Jennifer Shimmin provided details on the drought update, new regulations, the city’s efforts to curb water usage, and information on rebate programs for customers.  Governor Jerry Brown’s executive order issued on April 1 has prompted Colton city officials to look at different ways to conserve water. During the city council meeting on April 21, the city’s water conservation specialist Jennifer Shimmin provided details on the drought update, new regulations, the city’s efforts to…CONTINUE READING

Council unanimously approves athletics fee suspension

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<p>Elizabeth Davis Park, located at 1055 West Laurel Drive.  A resolution was passed by the city council on Tuesday April 21 that suspended the application of a fee for the use of athletic fields. City manager Bill Smith made the recommendation to the council to approve Resolution CRPC-15-01, which would suspend the current $1.00 per hour fee and…CONTINUE READING

Brothers take pride in military banner installations

Leo Lopez: United States Army  Four brothers–Amado, Joe, Leo, and Raphael Lopez celebrated the installation of military banners on April 7. They hang high on the westside of La Cadena Drive near the freeway underpass, just five blocks away from where they all grew up and played baseball as children. In the 1960s, all…CONTINUE READING

Colton trash rate hike big concern for residents

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<p>Mayor Richard De La Rosa (left) and councilmember Dr. Luis Gonzalez (right).  The possibility of receiving a “fully loaded” service deal that will provide street sweeping, tree trimming, and a clean up crew doesn’t justify a recent proposal from Republic Services that plans on increasing the residential base rate from $23.79 to $26.43 a month–according to resident Sandra Pedroza. “In my…CONTINUE READING

Bloomington hangs on to beat Colton 10-8

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Noah Johnson singles in the fifth inning for the Bruins.It was the comeback that wasn’t, and the Bruins are just fine with that. Bloomington held off a seventh inning rally by Colton to win 10-8 during the County Clash at San Manuel Stadium on Saturday, April 4. Starting pitcher Abraham Ramirez had been cruising throughout the…CONTINUE READING

 Colton Relay for Life recognized by American Cancer Society

Recently, the Colton Relay for Life committee received two awards from parent organization, the American Cancer Society. The nationwide honors presented to current committee co-chairs Randy Rivera and Vincent Castro last month recognized Colton for being among the Top 10 best relay events in the…CONTINUE READING

Wobbles team raises money for Relay for Life by hosting Car Show and Cruise

We’re approximately a month and a half away from the Eleventh Annual American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life fundraising event that will take place at Colton High School on Saturday May 16. and Sunday May 17 So far the 54 teams participating this year have raised an…CONTINUE READING

IELLA provides free legal assistance every Monday at Gonzales Center

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<p>IELLA volunteers Eloise Gomez-Reyes (center) and Victor Herrera (right) helping Colton resident Raquel Zarate during the clinic that took place at the Gonzales Center on March 30.Did you know that residents in the Inland Empire can receive legal advice at no cost? The Inland Empire Latino Lawyers Association Incorporated (IELLA) based out of Riverside has organized legal aid clinics since 1985, and is currently providing free legal services to residents in both…CONTINUE READING



Veteran’s story an example of early Chicano struggle

Photo/Anthony Victoria</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>World War II veteran Gilbert Zamorano stands next to his medals and awards.Shipping out of Fort Dix, New Jersey on the Queen Mary in 1943, Gilbert Zamorano sang a mexican folk song that portrayed his sentiments of going to war. “Me voy de soldado raso, y ya tengo un rifle y pistola. Lo que puede dejar a mi madre…CONTINUE READING





Renovation plans for Colton stadium presented during board meeting

A few years from now, students at Bloomington and Colton High School may be strolling into new sports stadiums on Friday nights and during ceremonial events. The Colton Joint Unified School District made the modernization of the two venues their priority back in May 2014, and are…CONTINUE READING

Economic Development becoming a reality in Colton

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City of Colton Economic Development Manager Arthur Morgan.Since 2010, Colton’s Economic Development Department has seen slow, but steady, expansion in resident income levels, property tax revenue, and median housing prices that coincided with the development of new business and job opportunities across the city. Manager Arthur Morgan believes Colton’s continuing economic growth will depend…CONTINUE READING



“Crow” and Robert Rojas honored with Military Banners

Courtesy Photo: Tony "Crow" Rojas and his nephew, Robert, were honored with military banners on February 3.Tony “Crow” Rojas and his nephew, Robert, cruised around Colton and San Bernardino in the late 1960s in the former’s low rider—getting in occasional scuffles and hanging with good friends at the park. One of their main hangouts was the A & W restaurant (now Leno’s Ricos…CONTINUE READING

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