Coffee Talk With California Congressional Candidate Sean Flynn

IECN photo Alondra Alarcon: 31st District Congressional candidate Sean Flynn poses with supporters Chris and Anna Capes at Coffee Nutzz on Saturday, Apr 14.
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“Government spending is out of control and we must attack this first,” said Sean Flynn to a guest.

On April 14 California congressional candidate Sean Flynn from Redlands  held a talk at Coffee Nutzz on Foothill St. in Rialto. It provided the opportunity for people in the community to meet Flynn and ask him any questions they had. The event was held from 8 – 9:30 a.m. and included complimentary coffee and pastries for guests.

Flynn is a Republican Party candidate running for California’s District 31 that includes the cities of Rialto, Fontana, Colton and San Bernardino. He is currently a business owner, author of Economics for Dummies, and an economics professor at Scripps College.

People from surrounding areas such as long-time city resident Carmen Melachowski, 81, and La Sierra University college student Anne Larsen, 25, stopped by to support Flynn and ask him some questions.

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“I heard of this event on one of the local radio stations and decided to meet him in person,” said Carmen.

“I came out from school just to meet him and see what he is about,” said Larsen.

Flynn discussed key issues he would address if he was elected – immigration, education, and public safety.

“We need to reform the overall immigration system; there is a lot of anti-immigrant bias right now because immigrants come looking for job opportunities… some end up being really poor because there isn’t a job (for them),” Flynn said. “I would much rather have a system like Canada or Australia where they have you take a 20-question test and ask about your profession or skills, so when immigrants (arrive) they have a job waiting for them.”

When it comes to education Flynn would like to see the return of vocational training and a restructure of the student loan program.

“We have a school system that steers everyone towards college; we have killed vocational schooling off.”

Flynn added that the cost of tuition has sky rocketed

and that college tuition should be 70 – 80% cheaper than it is.

“Graduating doesn’t guarantee you a job, you take out loans and then you can’t even find a job, and now you have a pile of debt – it’s an awful system.”

On healthcare Flynn’s thoughts were, “If everything went down about 70% then the cost of medical care would be massively more generous.”

The primary votes will be held on June 5 and general election is on November 6.


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