Colton Council recognizes local business Good Price Restaurant Supplies

Photo Dr. G: The family business is owned by George Hernandez. Pictured from left: Craig Balonick, son-in-law; Gabriela Balonick, daughter; Dr. G, Council Member; Enrique Hernandez, son and General Manager; and Eric Grossmann, cousin.
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By Dr. G (Luis Gonzalez), Colton City Councilman

At the recent Colton City Council meeting, Council Member Dr. G (Dr. Luis S Gonzalez) presented Good Price Restaurant Supplies with a “business focus” recognition award for its success in the City of Colton. This family establishment is owned by George Hernandez, and is located at 440 East Valley Blvd. in downtown Colton. 

Now going on 25 years, this family business has been a leader in the food service industry by providing equipment, supplies and service to restaurant retailers throughout the Inland Empire.

According to General Manager, Enrique Hernandez, “we specialize in wholesale prices and custom services.” 

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Open 8-5 Monday – Friday, Good Price Restaurant Supplies welcomes customers with first-class service.  Each and every day you’ll be greeted by one of the family members, and efficiently served by employees who are knowledgeable and experienced. 

The owner is George Hernandez, General Manager is his son, Enrique Hernandez, and other family members include daughter Gabriela, son-in-law Craig, wife Dralia, and cousin Eric Grossmann, who has been with the company 23 years.  

Born in El Salvador, George came to the United States in 1979 with his parents due to the civil war conflict at home. They were looking for a chance to raise their family in a safer environment, and found a place to live in Los Angeles. George took in stride the challenges of coming to a new country, and was soon hired on as an employee at the Dish Factory, in Los Angeles.  Soon, the company expanded by opening a store in Colton, and George was assigned for transfer to the new location.   

After working for the company 4-5 years, George decided to separate from the company and open up his own restaurant supply business. Reminiscing about this move, George stated with a huge grin, “I found just the perfect place…Valley Blvd. in downtown Colton.”   

In 1995, Good Price Restaurant Supplies, opened their doors and have been a successful mainstay in the business community and continues to shine as one of Colton’s amazing success stories. George Hernandez and his entire family, are to be congratulated for their business success and continued contribution to the business community in the City of Colton.

For more information about Good Price Restaurant Supplies, contact Enrique Hernandez at 783-1888.

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