Colton Woman’s Club boosts membership

For the Colton Woman’s Club, the month of August always starts off with a bang with their Annual Membership Drive Picnic.  This year, the annual shindig had a 1950’s theme and it was a big hit with the members and guests in attendance.

Organized by CWC Membership Drive Chair Judy Duffield, there were about 60 people in attendance at the affair with about one-third of that number dressed in poodle skirts, leather jackets, capri pants, and plenty of ponytails. 

Pictured are Mary Aparicio (left), winner of the costume contest, and Membership Chair Judy Duffield.

Décor was handled by a team of members and included a Juke Box, tables with checkered tablecloths and each sported handmade ice cream sodas. Each person was gifted an Elvis or poodle skirt cake pop as they entered the door.  There was a costume contest won by Mary Aparicio, a hula hoop contest won by Emelia O’Brien, and a dance contest (the Twist) won by Mary Clare Ruvalcaba.  Resident artist Debbie Mount unveiled a painting she did for the Clubhouse.  After a light lunch, everyone was treated to good old-fashioned root beer floats. 

The Colton Woman’s Club at 495 North 7th Street has been in Colton since 1900.  They are a non-profit philanthropic organization that works to help needs in the city of Colton as well as other nearby cities, national and international concerns.  All of the efforts by the Club are directed outwards, towards those in need.

The Club accepts new members all year long and you can call Membership Chair Judy Duffield at 909-709-7121 for more information.  Membership meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month and begin at 11:30 am; if you want to participate in the luncheon also, there is a $10 charge. 

At the next meeting on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, the guest speaker will be Luis Fuerte, a cameraman for the California Gold series with Huell Howser.  If you are interested in attending a meeting, please call Connie Jelinek, our Luncheon Coordinator for more details and to make a reservation at 909-825-7818. 


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