Column: A letter to @POTUS

Photo/Cal Matters: President Trump has threatened to withhold federal funds over so-called Sanctuary City designations--of which San Bernardino is not.
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So, I was reading the other day that you were threatening our city. You said you were going to withhold federal money from us. You said, through the U.S. Attorney General, that since San Bernardino had declared itself a sanctuary city, we soon were no longer to be on the receiving end of much-needed crime-fighting funds.

But, as with the case on so many other things, you again, are wrong Sir. San Bernardino has never declared itself a so-called sanctuary city.

Why the need to cause such a commotion on a matter that may not even pertain to us? It has done nothing but instill fear among a community that is already constantly watching its back because of high crime.

As with many other mid-level municipalities in the U.S., we are a proud people. Surely, you’ve heard of our troubles: we suffer from violence; we were victimized by the Dec. 2 terrorist attack; we are just beginning to emerge from the throes of bankruptcy.

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You use the terrorist attack to justify your distasteful immigration ban on Muslims, yet you don’t have the slightest clue about the struggles San Bernardino’s residents confront. Police officers last year had to investigate 62 homicides–a 41-percent increase from 2015 according to the Los Angeles Times. And while these law enforcement officials struggle to find resolutions to the senseless brutality, families and communities continue to be destroyed by the cycles of poverty and violence.

You threatening us is really a David-versus-Goliath moment. Why would you attack us when we are down?

I think it’s because deep down you don’t care about our issues. Your sympathy with our plight during the shootings was nothing more than a malicious attempt to push your agenda–to receive air time or retweets to boost your public persona.

Meanwhile, there are much more pressing issues out there affecting our country. Perhaps, by the time this prints, we will have been duped into another Korean Conflict. There’s this Russia thing, where dual-government collusion possibly took place. Was the election bought? Not sure, but you seem more interested in proving why you were the best candidate to be elected president.

By threatening to neglect San Bernardino’s woes with crime and poverty, you are going against the very same framework that you claimed to uphold. Ending “American Carnage” is a facade; what we’re seeing instead is the fostering of a polarized and prejudicial America you’re helping create. You once told the media that we were “dropping the ball” by underreporting the incident. Well Mr. Trump, by ignoring Middle America, you’re failing to be the person you claim to be–Commander-In-Chief.

Here’s some advice: Get back to leading our country. (And not that you ever were.) You have been gifted with majorities in Congress and the Supreme Court, but what have you accomplished? You spent months on attempting to take away healthcare from millions of Americans. You vacation and golf more than any ‘working’ person, we have ever seen.

Isn’t there anyone you care about besides yourself?

You say you want to Make America Great Again, but picking on a financially-strapped city isn’t the way to do that. I wish you would get to the work of strengthening our great city–and nation.


Anthony Victoria

Community Editor, Inland Empire Community News

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