Councilman Chavez: Paris agreement withdrawal bad for our nation

Photo/Jesse Chavez: Jesse Chavez, Highland City Councilman
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Donald Trump has listened to the likes of Steve Bannon and Scott Pruitt, rather than the Pope, business leaders, and millions of people across the world by deciding to pull out of the Paris accord.

It is a historic mistake.

Withdrawing from the Paris Agreement will do considerable damage to the U.S.’s global standing and credibility in the world. Countries have clearly shown, through the unprecedented engagement of their leaders in the development of the Paris Agreement, that climate change is now a core national interest and a top-tier diplomatic priority.

By abandoning the global effort to contain the climate crisis, the Trump Administration would severely undermine its ability to achieve any of its other diplomatic priorities. Countries have even gone so far as to say that the U.S. will face “lasting damage” if it leaves the Paris Agreement.

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For every terrible decision Trump makes, grassroots activists, frontline communities, local governments, and concerned people across the country are fighting to make sure clean energy continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

To quote Michael Brune, Executive Director of the Sierra Club: “Make no mistake: the Paris Agreement was adopted after decades of climate advocacy by concerned citizens across America and around the world, and it certainly will not be derailed by the ignorance of one man.”

Jesse Chavez is a councilman, serving the City of Highland

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  1. Paris Accord’s were a joke. Countries making pledges to reduce green-house emissions. As optimistic as this sounds, the pledges did not have to mention emissions levels, nor were there penalties for falling short. China committed to begin reducing emissions by 2030. India made no emissions commitment, pledging only to make progress on efficiency—at half the rate it had progressed in recent years. Germany, has now seen two straight years of emissions increases. The Philippines has outright renounced its commitment, and the other 180 some-odd countries it’s business as usual. The USA not having to subsidize the operation saves tax-payers 2 billion USD. Stick with your marijuana agenda, that I like.


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