Defend #DACA

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As an educator, it worries me that many students who know no other country but the U. S. as theirs, will be left unprotected and thrown back into the shadows. I am concerned that our constituents in public office have been unable to present us with a bipartisan immigration law to solve the problem that has been unattended, since the Reagan era. The Republican Party needs to get to work and come to an agreement with our Democrat constituents.

Blaming Obama is all they have done. Former President Obama inherited a bundle of problems that were left by the Bush families in office. He didn’t complain and dealt with them. Stop saying his executive order was unconstitutional. Obama had the power to sign an executive order, due to the fact that our legislative branch could not come to an agreement. The executive branch is given that power when action is needed (it has been over 30 years that our law makers have failed to revise and reform immigration laws, when it is known that this should be done every 10 years).

No, former President Obama did not break the law by signing an executive order. He only did what a responsible president would do, when the Legislative Branch failed to do its job. As your constituent, I ask Republicans to stop complaining and get to work. Our constituents need to understand that it is not about you or your party.

Both Democrats and Republicans need to keep your egos out of business and get to work to bring fair and inclusive laws in representation of every person in the country. An inclusive immigration reform is an urgent need and needs to be addressed immediately. As a compromised citizen of the United States of America, I just exercised my freedom of expression/speech.

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Maria Guadalupe Ortiz

San Bernardino

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