Donations sought for Redlands Animal Shelter Care and Isolation Room

AnimalConThe Redlands Animal Shelter is teaming up with Redlands Friends of the Animal Shelter (REDFOSA) to fund the creation of a much needed Care and Isolation Room for the Shelter.

Dogs and cats are brought into the Shelter on a daily basis, many having special needs or medical issues. Puppies and kittens that are abandoned are at great risk of developing parvovirus or distemper. At the present time, there is not an adequate room or area at the Redlands Animal Shelter to isolate these animals until they can be vaccinated or to allow a separate rest and recovery area to heal if needed.

Lack of a separate area or room, means that these injured or at-risk animals have to stay in the general kennel area, often housed within inches of other animals. This situation potentially puts ALL animals at risk of contracting a communicable disease.

The REDFOSA team, in conjunction with the Shelter, is currently making plans to clean and convert an existing storage area of the Shelter and transform it into a Care and Isolation Room. We are asking our local businesses and concerned citizens to assist us with this project. Your help is needed to fund the purchase of materials such as flooring, insulation, permanent walls, and special isolation cages.

If you would like to help, you can make a donation directly to the Redlands Animal Shelter, 504 N. Kansas St, Redlands, CA 92373. Please specify on the check that you would like your donation to go to the Care and Isolation Room. For more information, contact the Shelter at (909) 798-7644. ~City of Redlands

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