Dozens make merry during December Senior Social

IECN photo Marina Rojas: From left back row: Diane Brandon, Grace Lujan, Dominga Gonzalez, Wayne Moore, Sandie Shapiro, Ben Piso; seated: Marcia Ungles, Carmelina Osoy
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IECN photo Marina Rojas: Juanita Atilano stands before the Christmas tree.

It was a Winter Wonderland theme at the Senior Social held on Thursday, December 14 at the Grace Vargas Senior Center in Rialto.  Sponsored by Anthem CareMore, the holiday party saw a turnout of over 50 people who came to enjoy music, refreshments and raffles.

Mauricio Vera, a representative for Anthem CareMore and his coworker Efrain Morales greeted seniors as they entered the community center’s Berglund room.  Music was playing and people were dancing to holiday tunes.  Others were sitting together talking and laughing, while others bunched together for selfies and times of friendship.

For Grace Lujan, this was her seventh year at the December Senior Social at the center. “I’ve been here every year without fail.  There’s a lot of friends to spend time with, I always enjoy my time here.” Lujan, who is legally blind said that she also participates in Zumba and Fit and Sit classes at the Center.

Bob Webster had invited his friend Evelyn Alcarez to come to the Social.  “I’ve not been doing well with my health lately,” said Webster, “but I’m always coming here on Wednesdays for the shows, and I wanted to come to this event and have some fun.”

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For Alcarez, this was her first time at the center.  “We’re having a lot of fun,” she said, “this was a good time for both of us,” she shared.

“I want some lively music to dance to,” said Juanita Atilano as she stood in front of the Christmas tree for a picture.  Heading back into the Berglund room to the party, she smiled and said she was having a very good time.

Many of the party-goers had won raffle prizes and some were remarking about their surprising good luck.  “These are really nice gifts!” said Sandie Shapiro, while Ben Piso had doubled his luck and won twice!

The December Senior Social is just another event available for older Rialto residents at the Grace Vargas Senior Center at 1411 South Riverside Avenue in Rialto. Contact them at 909-877-9706.

IECN photo Marina Rojas: Bob Webster and Evelyn Alcarez at the Grace Vargas Senior Center Social
IECN photo Marina Rojas: Luis Aguilar, Lillian Cruz, Dominga Gonzalez and Servador Velazquez enjoying the holiday celebration

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