Dr. G launches CITY TALK “En Español”

Photo Dr. G: Dr. G relaunched his CITY TALK “En Español” community meetings at the Sombrero Market on Saturday, Aug. 4. Pictured from left: Norma Gallardo, Jose Morales, Dr. G, and Maria Gudino Noguera.

On Saturday, August 14, Council Member Dr. G (Dr. Luis S González) officially launched his CITY TALK en Español program once again right in the heart of South Colton – the Sombrero Market.

Because of the pandemic and the restrictions placed on business locations all of the CITY TALK neighborhood meetings were put on hold. Although there are still some mask and social distance considerations, a group of residents approached Dr. G to restart the program.

“Necsesitamos la información que ofrece Dr. G,” (We need the information that Dr. G offers) says resident Alicia Lozano. Alicia regularly attended the neighborhood meetings en español in the past before the pandemic hit, and often asked questions. “Es tiempo de empezar de nuevo,” (it’s time to start again), she continued.

CITY TALK W/Dr.G started in 2013 when Dr. G believed that neighborhood meetings were a good way for him to connect with residents who wanted information, answers to questions, and learn more about the happenings around the city. Some of the residents who have been attending a long time might remember CITY TALK meetings at Playa Papagayos Restaurant. “That was the first place,” said Dr. G, who added, ”We had three members that first time!”

In 2017, CITY TALK en Español was created and met at the Rayos de Luz Church on L Street. The first meeting had eighteen people and grew from there. Alicia Lozano was one of those original members.

“The county has been slowly opening up, and there are a lot of activities starting up again, including public meetings…with limitations of course,” says Dr. G, and adds, “We respected all distancing, capacity, and facemask requirements at the meeting, in addition to being outside. Thanks to the good attendance, great location, and the availability of the patio, the CITY TALK en Español had a great start. The Sombrero Market worked very well,” smiled Dr. G, “and Devin Gill, the owner of Sombrero Market has been awesome.”

Devin’s support of our community is very much appreciated. One resident who attended, and is an active CITY TALK participant, was Norma Gallardo, who commented, “This outreach is important to us because our community includes people with a language barrier, and they still need assistance.”

Those who know Dr. G know that he has always been out and about. He works hard for the residents and continues to engage in many community activities. Just talk with him…he’ll listen. For now, “getting this CITY TALK en Español off the ground again was a big step,” smiles Dr. G, and continued, “The residents really liked receiving this information and are very appreciative.”

For more information about CITY TALK, various community groups, Colton history, the trash clean-up, prayer list, Veteran Spotlight, community projects and events, neighborhood meetings, or the online live-stream programs, text or call Dr. G @ 909-213-3730. Questions and comments are always welcome.