Esquivel Auto Depot brings car sales and latest technology to Rialto

Esquivel Auto Depot has been in business since 2011. The auto depot offers an incentive to active and non-active military veterans.
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Esquivel Auto Depot has been giving drivers the best deals since 2011.

“At Esquivel Auto Depot we’re a family-owned and operated vehicle depot. We are consistent with both our sales and customer service,” said Marcos Esquivel, Esquivel Auto Depot president.

While Esquivel Auto Depot serves as one of the very few auto depots in Rialto, that does not hinder its flow of offerings.

“We have a full spectrum of domestic, commuter, and economy vehicles. We carry everything from Hondas, to Toyotas, Chevys; and everything in between,” continued Esquivel.

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Esquivel Auto Depot also features top notch technology and is up to date on the 2019 DMV laws; specifically the temporary license plate program, which requires licensed California dealers, of new and used vehicles, to attach temporary paper license plates on a vehicle at the point of sale if the vehicle does not display license plates previously issued by the DMV.

“We’re definitely very tech savvy.  It’s great that everyone will have this license plate and drive off the lot being identifiable from here on out. I do like the fact that the new monies generated from the temporary license plates will repair the roads in our city,” Esquivel said.

He also shared that if a customer or another vehicle agency has any questions regarding protocols on temporary license plates, he is willing to assist.

Assisting the community in any way they can is what Esquivel Auto Depot is all about.

“We appreciate all the support from in and around the Rialto community; thank you for the return business and especially those who have referred us to their family and friends. We will continue to do all that we can to give back to the city, so Rialto can continue to grow,” continued Esquivel.

Although there are many reasons to shop at Esquivel Auto Depot, one of them is for the no hassle experience.

“We don’t pressure any customers to make a purchase on the spot. We have over 200 vehicles on the lot all year long; which gives people the opportunity to test drive a number of vehicles and find one that fits them and their budget, and we have a full spectrum lending program with credit unions and second chance banks,” concluded Esquivel.

What makes Esquivel Auto Depot special is that it gives an incentive to active and non-active military veterans, which is $500 off the vehicle price.

Esquivel Auto Depot is located at 800 W. Foothill Blvd., Rialto. For more information, call 877-2020 or visit

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