Federal sugar policies hurting local businesses


Did you know the federal government goes out of its way to raise the price of sugar for food manufacturers, bakeries, confectioners, and consumers? In 2018, the Farm Bill is going to be reauthorized, and sugar has been the only agricultural commodity with a subsidy that has never changed. The result is 123,000 jobs lost in the food manufacturing industry over the last 15 years, according to our own U.S. Commerce Department.

As a local baker who purchases this inflated sugar for use in the wonderful treats we bake in our shop, I know we can do better, and lower the cost of sugar to businesses like mine so we can see savings. As it is, this program costs consumers and food businesses nearly $4 billion annually, according to several estimates.

When the Farm Bill is reauthorized this year, I urge our elected leaders in Congress to take a stand and support the confectioners, bakers, beverage producers, and other businesses that use sugar here in California. Reform the sugar program so we stop subsidizing these sugar growers, and we start supporting small business jobs in our communities.

~ Angel David Ortiz

Owner Noyes Bakery in San Bernardino