FNX Native Media Award presented to SBCCD Board Meeting

Photo Courtesy/SBCCD The Board of Trustees of the San Bernardino Community College District presents two winning journalists from FNX/First Nation’s Experience with their Native Media Awards.

FNX/ First Nation’s Experience television network garnered its first accolades for originally produced programming and the awards were presented at the August meeting of the Board of Trustees of the San Bernardino Community College District (SBCCD).

The network’s news, culture and events series “FNX NOW” was awarded first place for “FNX NOW: Special Report from Torres Martinez” and third place for “Anahuacalmecac” for Best Feature Story- TV in the Monthly-Semi-Monthly Professional Category Division III (circulation above 8,000). The FNX series “On Native Ground: Youth Reports” (produced by Jack Koehler) also won first place for General Excellence – TV in the Division III Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Semimonthly (combined category) as well as second place for General Excellence – Online. FNX network affiliates at Cheyenne and Arapaho Television also brought in awards for their programming.

“FNX represents the best of what partnerships can bring about in our community”, said SBCCD Chancellor Bruce Baron. “The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians had a vision of a national source of news and information about Native Americans and indigenous peoples, and came to the SBCCD to make that happen. Working with KVCR, FNX is the result – and a communal voice not previously being heard, now being disseminated across the country and in Canada.”

On November 1, FNX is scheduled to begin transmitting over the Public Television satellite system and will be available to over 350 public TV stations across the U.S.

KVCR TV-FM General Manager Alfredo Cruz agreed, saying, “FNX is an exciting, ground-breaking project. These pieces created by capable, creative FNX journalists and honored by the Native Media awards embody the quality of work we are broadcasting on a daily basis on both stations. I invite the community to explore our FNX and KVCR offerings. We have so much unparalleled programming to share.”

FNX Interim Tribal Liaison, Terria Smith, and FNX Producer/Director, Frank Blanquet are co-producers of the original FNX series FNX NOW, and worked on the two segments that picked up the two Native Media Awards from the Native American Journalists Association.

First Place was for a “Special Report from Torres Martinez” that Terria Smith – a Torres-Martinez Tribal member – produced on the poisoned water of the reservation of Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indian Tribe, located in Thermal, CA. For many years, the water on this reservation has been contaminated and unfit to drink. As a precious resource in the deserts of California, water is vital to survival, and this issue had been virtually ignored by government regulating and health agencies. Part of the Tribe’s mission is to protect the tribe, people, land and resources, and inasmuch, their hope is to once again have good, clean water that they can drink on their reservation. Having grown up on this reservation, Terria’s understanding and knowledge of this problem brought a deeply moving human perspective to this important but little-known issue in this powerful investigative piece.

View video at: http://vimeo.com/73408770. “FNX NOW” – Special Report from Torres Martinez This report was made possible by the USC Annenberg California Endowment Health Journalism Fellowship.

Producer: Terria Smith Editor: Terria Smith Series Producer: Terria Smith/Frank Blanquet Camera: Frank Blanquet The report that took Third Place was about a Los Angeles charter school that immerses students in Mesoamerican culture and languages. Teaching both parents and students to be proud and knowledgeable of their rich Indigenous traditions, the Anahucalmecac School is reviving an appreciation for culture and history that has long been forgotten or repressed in traditional school curriculums. This report highlighted a special school that has proven to be a ground-breaking instructional model and is reaping rewards well beyond common-core standards or traditional test-based instructional metrics.

View video at: http://vimeo.com/72305322 “FNX NOW” – Anahucalmecac (2013)

Producer: Terria Smith Editor: Frank Blanquet Series Producer: Terria Smith/Frank Blanquet Camera: Frank Blanquet/Terria Smith

The Native Media Awards are issued annually to working journalists in both the U.S. and Canada by the Native American Journalists Association. This year the organization recognized more than 200 members for their coverage of Native issues during a banquet on Saturday, July 12 at the 2014 National Native Media Conference in Santa Clara, Calif.


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