Fortnite Battle Royale: Tips and Tricks

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If you are interested in video games you have probably heard about the record breaking game, Fortnite. The game is produced by Epic Games and has millions on millions of downloads. The game is Battle Royale style. You spawn in with 99 other players (100 total) and try to work your way to be the last standing for that Victory Royale. However, you may have some trouble getting those wins. Lucky for you, there are many basic tips and tricks you can perform to make winning easier.

The first tip I have for you is building. Building is used with 3 materials: Iron the strongest, then brick, then wood. Building protects you from other players and you can also build bases with your material. To become a master builder, you first must know when to build. The second you get shot or get shot at you should build walls in a circle around you. This way no one can shoot you cleanly and you’ll have time to regather yourself for the upcoming Battle. From there keep an eye out for your enemy and build towards him to get High ground for that easy kill.

Another tip I have for you is do not camp! For those who don’t know, camping is hiding in houses or sheds to stay alive and avoid all combat to work your way through the game. While in the moment it seems like an easy way to get a high place, it really hurts you. While yes, sure the game is meant for survival, you will eventually have to fight someone and you want to be prepared, which means you have to play aggressive. Go towards gunshots, rush enemies, and shoot until you have no ammo if you have to! Even if you die, in the long run it’ll make you a better player and help you in those final fight situations.

Lastly, some other tips I’ll give you is 1. Carry SHIELDS over Bandages and sometimes med kits. 2. Organize your inventory. Make sure you have your Assault Rifle and Shotgun close together to easily change your weapons when need be. And 3. When possible always carry 2 types of heals and 3 types of weapons to keep an even balance between offense and defense.

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Those are some basic tips and tricks to help you succeed in Fortnite! Now go out there and get yourself a Victory Royale!

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