Garcia Center for the Arts hosts inaugural Cosmic Comic Fest

Photo Rodolfo Ortega: Former Mayor of San Bernardino Judith Valles has some fun with an attendee in cosplay during the inaugural comic festival at the Garcia Center on Saturday, Aug. 24.
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The Garcia Center of the Arts held its first-ever Cosmic Comic Fest in San Bernardino this past Saturday, Aug. 24. With the help from Comics Plus donating over 3,500 comic books, the event had much to show for in hopes of gaining more exposure for the arts within the community.

Fans of all ages attended the free event that featured special guests that included Joe Krejci, illustrator for Red Bubble publication, and Phil Yeh, local writer for Uncle Jam Quarterly. Gil Botello who was helped facilitate the event mentioned, “This is the first annual for the community… to see if there is a pull, possible growth.”

Generating fandom was the goal of the event, one that can bring the city together while being fun while exposing the culture of superheroes to everyone.

The event also brought creativity as some showed up in cosplay fully embracing the innovative culture of comic fandom. All who were in attendance were given the opportunity to participate in the virtual reality experience courtesy of Comics Plus as well. Exposure is what this event aimed for; former Mayor Judith Valles making an appearance validated the popularity behind the event.

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