3 Effective Body Weight Exercises


When it comes to fitness training there are many different exercises and techniques that can be used to strengthen and condition the body.

The idea that one particular way of training is better than another is not always true being that each person will function differently in all of the fitness training programs available today. However, the commonality that exists between all training programs is the foundational push, pull, and pressing components associated with the exercises implemented within fitness training programs.

Ensuring your body is conditioned with foundational movement exercises will reduce the risk of injury when resistance is introduced into your training program while allowing you to build relative strength (max strength gained in relation to your body weight). Implementing dynamic body weight exercises into your training program is a great starting point for an individual seeking to begin a strength and conditioning program. Here are three effective body weight exercises that will help you build a solid foundation pertaining to your fitness program.

1. The Squat. When done properly the squat is a dynamic exercise that conditions the lower body muscles while strengthening the core muscle groups (lower back and abdominals). In addition, the squat is a primal movement exercise, meaning we mimic the position daily through our actions (sitting and squatting). The squat is an effective exercise in building mobility and balance throughout the body. Mobility in regard to loosening the ankle and knee joints to create better range of motion which allows for better movement. Balance in regard to ensuring both sides of the body are strong and working together as opposed to one side working more than the other to support a strength imbalance which can lead to injury.

2. The Push-Up. The push-up is a dynamic exercise in the sense that it requires multiple muscles to work together in order to generate the force needed to lift the body weight load off the ground. As a result the push-up will build multiple muscle groups at once that lead to increases in muscle mass, strength, and conditioning capacity. In addition, the push-up is an effective core strengthening exercise that hardens the abdominal and lower back muscles.

3. The Pull-Up. The pull-up truly is a dynamic exercise that does require relative body weight strength in order to perform the movement without assistance. The pull-up is an effective exercise that strengthens and conditions the back, shoulder, arm, and chest muscle groups. If done consistently the pull-up can take an individual’s strength and conditioning to the next level in regard to their performance ability.

The squat, push-up, and pull-up are the three effective body weight exercises I recommend to build a solid fitness foundation and relative body weight strength. All three exercises can be done anywhere and are suitable for “MOST” people looking to begin an exercise program. Each exercise can be conducted progressively, meaning there are modifications available based on the ability of the individual performing the exercises. There you have it, my personal take on three effective body weight exercises that are currently and will always be part of my fitness training program. Get to squatting, start pushing, and keep pulling!


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