Highland resident, Eugene Weems, overcomes imprisonment and runs for Congress

Eugene Weems is running for U.S. Congress District 31 as a write-in candidate and says he possesses hands on experience in underprivileged communities.
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Highland Resident Eugene Weems, 45, served over 17 years in the department of corrections and today, he eyes a seat as U.S. Representative District 31 currently held by Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-Redlands).

Weems’ campaign is true to his life and experience, he is about the people and combatting homelessness, recidivism, low income, bullying, discrimination, healthcare cost, and mitigating criminal activity.

“My goal is to represent everyone, I am not a politician, I am a citizen…just like you. I am running to make our neighborhoods safe and prosperous again. Second, I want to ensure people receive the care they are promised and deserve. In California homelessness is a national emergency,” shared District 31 write-in candidate Weems.

Weems shared that when he was released from prison, a little over two years ago, he had nowhere to go.

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“When I got out of prison, there were no resources. I have developed a successful re-entry program for those who are released from prison, to allow them the opportunity to become law abiding citizens,” continued Weems.

“When I came home I could not land a job, the housing that I was in did not allow anyone to work a grave yard shift. So, the first warehouse job that I did land, was only for graveyard…and I had to choose between keeping stable housing or landing a job. I chose stable housing. These are the situations our community is dealing with,” Weems said.

He shared that those who have been recently released from prison need identification, a job, stable housing, and a support system.

Since being released from prison, Weems has been active in District 31, changing lives of children and strengthening partnerships within the community.

“Shortly after I was released from prison I co-founded and organized Vibrant Green for Vibrant Peace. It’s an outreach program aimed to foster positive development and good life choices for at-risk youth,” Weems said.

Since its inception, Weems has been successful at providing toy drives to children in underprivileged communities, food drives for the Thanksgiving holiday and was also behind the revamp of the San Bernardino Martin Luther King Day Parade.

“I would to thank Ethyl Gardner, Margaret Hill, Alicia Gee, Tanay Colon and my grandmother Aldine Weems for the love and guidance and for structuring me into the man that I am today,” concluded Weems. For more information, visit http://eugeneweems.com.

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