Ken Hubbs Little League to give back to community through toy, food drive

Courtesy photo:  Ken Hubbs Little League is involving itself in more than baseball, its initiatives also lie in supporting the community.
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Shilo Sutton, vice president of Ken Hubbs Little League, is preparing to give back to the community in a major way.

On December 8th, Sutton, along with all board members of the Little League, will be hosting a homerun derby, toy and food drive.

“I was discussing possible opportunities and ways to give back this holiday season with my brother, Larry, who is a board member at the league, and we felt that a homerun derby to raise funds and gift donations was the best match,” said Sutton.

Participation in the homerun derby will consist of donating a Christmas gift or making a $10 donation.

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“With the toys and donations we receive from the homerun derby, we will be donating them to Loma Linda University Children’s Rehabilitation Center and the Inland Empire Ronald McDonald House,” continued Sutton.

Sutton said he was inspired to give back to children in the hospital over the holidays because he was one of those kids, when he was 17 years old.

“When I was 17 years old, I was in the hospital over the holidays and it was awful. I remember the local fire department stopping by and giving me a Christmas gift. When I was discharged, I understood the significance of giving back, and on my way out I gave my gift to another kid who was admitted,” indicated Sutton.

He said that the little league is welcoming all volunteers for the event filled day on December 8th.

“For anyone looking to volunteer during the homerun derby, the toy or food drive, please send me an email at,” concluded Sutton.

The homerun derby registration will open on Sunday, December 8, at 9 AM; tournament begins at 10 AM and is open to everyone in the community and beyond. Ken Hubbs Little League is located at 305 East E. Street, Colton.

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