Lakers win 4 straight after game 1 loss, easily eliminate injured Blazers team

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Finally, after eight long years of waiting, the Lakers have their first playoff series win. It was no easy task, but LeBron James showed why he’s the king, and Anthony Davis showed why he is maybe the best big in the league.

The series started with game 1 in the Orlando bubble, with the Lakers designated as the “home” team. The game was a battle of runs. It came down to the final minutes, until bubble MVP Damian Lillard hit two long range threes to put the Blazers ahead, and they never looked back, winning and making the series 1-0.

But the Lakers did not back down. Anthony Davis and LeBron showed much more aggressiveness, and they were able to tie the series, and take the lead in game 3, 2-1. However, an even bigger loss for the Blazers hit. Their star Damian Lillard had dislocated a finger. Luckily, it was on his non-shooting hand and he was able to play for a crucial game 4. But the Lakers showed no mercy.

Outstanding performances all around helped give the Lakers a statement win, and put the Blazers in an impossible 3-1 hole. Game 5 would come however, a few days late. Teams around the league all boycotted their next games, in protest to police brutality and the owners’ lack of ability to step up and spread the black lives matter movement. However, after more than a few meetings, both sides got what they wanted, and game 5 went on.

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Game 5 the Blazers played without Damian Lillard, due to a knee injury he had suffered in the previous game. The Blazers, led by Carmelo Anthony and CJ McCollum put up a good fight, but in the end, LeBron’s triple double led the Lakers, as they won, and move onto the second round. The Lakers met expectations for the first round, beating a Blazers team that some considered the greatest 8 seed of all time. They showed weaknesses shooting from 3, but also showed that when AD and LeBron are aggressive and score first, they are almost unstoppable. As of when this is being written, the Lakers will face the winner of the Thunder-Rockets series, with the Rockets currently up 3-2. Expect the Lakers to be favorites no matter who comes out of that 4-5 matchup. 4 wins down, 12 to go, as the Lakers look to win a championship for Kobe in the craziest season the NBA has and will ever see.

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