“Last Dance” documentary is amazing

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The Last Dance… The long awaited documentary made on Michael Jordan’s led Chicago Bulls as they navigated their way to their 6th championship, despite all the controversy and turmoil around them. Episodes 1 and 2 of the 10-part series aired Sunday night, and it did not disappoint.

Personally, I was very excited for this documentary. Being as young as I am, the most I can get out of the 90’s Bulls incredible run are amazing clips of MJ being “the goat.” But now I, and everyone else, can finally get an even more detailed view of what it was like during that Bulls final championship run. And, it seemed pretty ugly. The first episode focuses around MJ, and his problems with the Bulls management, mainly Jerry Krause, the man who built, and collapsed the Bulls dynasty. We quickly learn how toxic the environment around that Bulls team was. Krause did not like Jordan, Jordan did not like Krause. Constant insults and jabs really make you think how that group won 6 championships in a very short span of time. But, it doesn’t stop with MJ.

Episode 2 showed Scottie Pippen and his problems with management. Early in his career, Scottie made a decision we would never see a player make in the modern era: signing a long term contract worth very little. As Pippen showed he was an elite player, the realization he was underpaid, and would not be paid anymore angered him. So, in a sense, he sabotaged his team. He decided to have surgery on his injury late, and miss the key early months of the season, bringing the Bulls down with him. This is about where the episode stops, where viewers will have to see how this goes.

Overall, the “Last Dance” surprised me. The idea that a team so successful can be so divided shocks me. It really makes me wonder if there are some tapes sitting somewhere of other legendary teams’ final run. A Kobe and Shaq or a Showtime Lakers documentary would really help us dig deeper into what a winning NBA team is about. But either way, I’m excited for these next 8 episodes of the 10-part series that are to come. Episodes 3 & 4 air from 9-11 EST Sunday, April 26th, and I highly recommend, basketball fan or not, that you watch this one-of-a-kind documentary on the incredible story that is the 90’s Bulls.

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