LeBron James produced Disney+ exclusive “Becoming” is a must watch

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We are still in quarantine and as a result, still looking for great shows and movies to watch. Well this past week one new great show was released. The LeBron James produced show, “Becoming” on Disney+.

“Becoming” takes a look at famous athletes and celebrities and how where they came from shaped them, and helped them be as successful as they are. The show features many people who are very successful such as Anthony Davis, who is from Chicago and lived in a pretty rough neighborhood, but still managed to play basketball and take it all the way to the pros. The show also includes famous actors like Ashely Tisdale.

The show really puts things in perspective and reminds you that no matter who you are or where you come from, you can still chase your dreams and be successful.

Overall, “Becoming” is a must watch for the whole family. Whether you are a fan of the celebrities who are on it or not, you will still enjoy hearing how they become who they are.

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