“Loose Grip” Photo Exhibition


“Loose Grip” was a photo exhibition with much personality. The walls were covered with images from landscapes to portraits, everyday mundane life to the extraordinary. Photos to make you smirk as well as those that can make one grimace. With so many stories on display the inspiration was endless. With an attendance reaching over 200 plus this IE show has definitely helped to cultivate culture in our region.

“We reached out to people whose work was striking, evocative and all of those other alluring words of course, but most importantly, we reached out to our network, our family, our friends.” – Kim

I had the chance to get a few questions answered from those responsible for curating such a great show. Kimberly B. Johnson, a journalist, photographer, curator and editor from the area and Jwolf, a local artist and representative of   SYB Gang.

Photo Cred: Fabian Torres Onlooker taking in the vast array of images.
Photo Cred: Fabian Torres
Onlooker taking in the vast array of images.

IECN: Why the name Loose Grip?

Kimberly: Hmmm I have my own spin on why I like the name. I think it can be perceived in different ways to mean anything and nothing. The idea of having a “loose grip” on things, I think this is possibly a collective feeling experienced by creatives throughout life indefinitely. This faint grasp on things. Creating your own ingenious idea of stability and trying to roll with it. But I think the ambiguity of the name is interesting. It sounds romantic as much as it sounds hard in a sense.

What role did you play in the organizing of the exhibition?

Kimberly: The LOOSE GRIP show was a group effort by artist collective SYB Gang, talented tattoo artist by the name of Lecksoe who works at The Riverside Art Parlor where the event was held, very special efforts from photographers Split Felipe and Hotpocketbandit who designed and hung the layout and lastly myself. The idea for the event and its focus as a photo show to bring creatives in from all over the area was conceived by Lecksoe. From there, he, myself and the SYB Gang guys worked to compile a name and a body of photographers we felt encompassed a collective creative vision and aesthetic. We reached out to people whose work was striking, evocative and all of those other alluring words of course, but most importantly, we reached out to our network, our family, our friends.

Jwolf: Creatively I had about two Cents in the show But I had a very big hand in the SYBGANG Mural that was displayed in the back and a bunch of grunt work basically.

In three words how did the event go?

Kimberly: Very f***ing well.

Jwolf: Really D*** Good!

How do you think the event turned out?

Kimberly: The event was successful before it even occurred. The level of support and enthusiasm showcased by people across cities and counties was felt tenfold. Photos were sold. Connections were made. I came out of it feeling a stronger sense of community within my creative circle and that’s super valuable to me.

Jwolf: Yes, Most definitely. Although we were thrown a curveball two nights before the show by Riversides Finest (Syke) ACAB.  We decided to pull up our boots put our heads together and go through with it anyways. Not to a surprise it was still a very awesome turn out. People are gonna have fun no matter what and people were really looking forward to the body of work that was being presented.

What do you feel is the importance of art events like these?

Kimberly: The importance of events like LG is culminating culture and creating spaces for culture to thrive. Progressive, conscious and creative energy needs somewhere to flow. Events like LOOSE GRIP or the Film is Not Dead show held by Bloody Gums collective at Pomona’s Space Gallery the Saturday before LG are just attempts at opening portals for that energy to exist. LG offered an alternative form of entertainment for local creatives, combining the fun of being in a room with all of your friends, with a real sense of creative and community outreach. It sounds extreme, but for me —  as a young creative born and raised in Rialto who has seen countless local venues and other forms of art and entertainment go under– the importance of shows like LOOSE GRIP is immeasurable.

Jwolf: They help us artists get our artwork out into the public. And everyone knows the more people that are familiar with your work, you increase the chances being seen by the right people. We all want to get paid to do what we love doing.

Do you plan to have more events like this in the future? If so, Any ideas on what you plan for the future themes?

Kimberly: The Riverside Art Parlor, which is owned and operated by tattoo artist Jason Gallo, has been around for a few years and is the product of local creatives who used their talents/degrees/ingenuity to open a space for events like LOOSE GRIP to happen.  The reality of this is that as long as there are spaces like The Art Parlor and people willing to get down for passion projects, there will always, always be shows. As long as people show interest, there will be art on the walls. As long as people show up, there will be art on the walls. As long as the doors are open, there will be art on the walls. Follow anyone involved with the first LOOSE GRIP show on social media to stay in the know about future events as they shape up.

Jwolf: Yes always and as far as what might be up our sleeves. You guys will just have to wait. But definitely Bigger and Better.

If others are interested in helping out or participating how do they get involved?

Jwolf: I don’t particularly want to work with just anyone. I believe a lot of the success we have has to do with the creative individuals we select to work with. They’re driven, they’re unique, and they truly believe in what they’re doing. As far as helping just get at us and let us know you want to be down for the scene.

Thanks again to everyone that helped put the event together y’all the real MVPs SYBGANG SYBGANG SYBGANG!

Show at a Glimpse 

*This interview was through an exchange in emails, show held on October 17th,2015.


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