Manny Boy Sandoval and Andrew Caravella host Inland Empire’s first digital trend podcast, WeTube Radio Show

Andrew Caravlla (left) and Manny Boy Sandoval (center), interview film enthusiast Giacomo Thillet (right).
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The WeTube Radio show is one of the first technological and digital trend podcasts in the Inland Empire. It’s hosted by two digital trend and social media loving radio aficionados, Manny Boy Sandoval and Andrew Caravella.

The podcast content consists of interviewing notable digital and social media celebrities, discussing digital news stories and trends, reviewing music and film, laughing at memes and playing ridiculous games on-air.

“The future of entertainment is on the platforms of social media. That future is already here; it was only a matter of time before a show needed to come around to utilize those platforms,” said Caravella.

The radio podcast debut was in April 2018 and has since continued to thrive.

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“WeTube broadcasts in the Top 25 of radio markets in the country. The show can reach 5.5 million listeners weekly, and another 60 million through TuneIn. The show has officially been syndicated on iHeart Radio as well,” continued Caravella.

The show airs first every Tuesday on NBC News Radio, KCAA 1050 A.M., 106.5 F.M. and 102.3 F.M., before being made available on iTunes, YouTube, TuneIn, Spreaker and iHeart Radio.

“It’s important to showcase digital media because it’s a great way to interact with our listeners and yes…viewers. KCAA is a leader in this area and we’re utilizing multiple web platforms,” said KCAA General Manager Mark Westwood. “We enjoy the energy of the WeTube Radio show because it helps us develop a relationship with the gen youth, because they bring us new thoughts and perspectives and a whole lot of fun, too.”

The hosts have interviewed many YouTube and social media celebrities, including a deaf actress and author.

“One of my most favorite guests that came on the show is author and actress Amanda McDonough. Amanda began losing her hearing at age four and became fully deaf as a junior in college. Her hearing loss was a closely guarded secret among her and her parents. Through determination and perseverance, Amanda was able to overcome her disability and has become a popular actress, motivational speaker and author as well as a positive role model for the deaf community,” Caravella said.

Digital and social media platforms have given radio and television a run for their money during the past decade, making some wonder if radio or television will soon become obsolete.

“There are some people that make broad based assessments about broadcasting and its demise that are just plain inaccurate. Radio is expanding because the general population continues to grow. With growth comes change and adaption and that means incorporating social media,” continued Westwood.

With the WeTube Radio Show incorporating audio, video, social and digital media, it’s apparent that this well thought out radio show is capable of any change thrown their way.

“YouTube changed the face of the earth and how the public views videos. Consumption of media will forever be changed. Entertainment is now viewed on the viewer’s time. The viewer is given more freedom to find and discover what they want. Networks and big corporations can’t tell viewers what and when they are going to watch content,” explained Caravella.

Caravella said he hopes to interview major viral stars whose videos have reached over 100 million views in the near future.

“These digital and social media stars don’t get enough mainstream interviews. In radio and television, the YouTube and Instagram type stars still have a stigma as not being talented and that’s totally untrue. They just need the platform and we have it,” said Caravella.

The WeTube Radio Show is unique, diverse and geared toward people of all ages.

“It’s a radio talk show that anyone could understand and it’s down-right funny,” concluded Caravella.

To keep up with the WeTube Radio Show, visit

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