March Madness: No.16 seed UMBC knocks off 1st seed Virginia

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The March madness college basketball tournament has started yet again and it, as usual, has been, well…madness. The left side of brackets 1 and 2 seeds are all gone. But one big upset has all of the sports world still left in shock.

Number 1 Virginia, the favored team to win the whole tournament throughout America’s brackets, lost to the number 16 Seed UMBC Retrievers. A 16th seed had never beaten a first-seed in the men’s tournament much less come even close, until now. The Retrievers blew out the Virginia team by 20 points! While the win was something that will forever be remembered in history, the post game interviews were priceless.

At this point in America it seems like life revolves around the famous game, Fortnite (last article!). After being asked what the key to their upset was, Retriever members did in fact answer, Fortnite.

Apparently, right before leaving the game their team leader got 2 solo wins in a row. As if they weren’t already gaining enough popularity, the gaming community was loving it. The best Fortnite player out there, Ninja, tweeted about the team! Videos were made all over YouTube and Twitch, Leaving this school (who apparently also has some of the best chess players around) to steal everyone’s heart.

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There it is, the Cinderella story of UMBC. The team did lose their next game to Kansas State, coming close to another upset, but falling short by 7 points. This team really showed why not only do we love sports, but why March is truly, madness.

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