Marion Schick of San Bernardino celebrates 102nd birtday

Photos Ricardo Tomboc: Marion Schick celebrated her birthday with an intimate group of friends and family at the Pepper Steak Restaurant in Highland.
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On Monday, November 16th, Marion Schick celebrated her 102nd birthday with a small group of friends and family.  Finding one of the few indoor seating restaurants in town, the Pepper Steak Restaurant in Highland was a choice location for this event. 

Marion has been a resident of San Bernardino for over 75 years.  Marion moved to San Bernardino in 1945 when she moved from Summit, Illinois at age 27 to be closer to her uncle.  Marion worked 35 years at Sears, Roebuck and Company that was at one time located at 543 3rd Street, behind the Harris Company.  Marion starting pay was 67 cents an hour, where she worked in the Sporting Goods Department and was able to develop an expertise with shotguns, handguns, ammunition, and all the other sporting goods. 

Marion and her 102nd party guests, (front row, from left) Beverly Swanson (niece), Marion Schick (birthday girl), Joan Cismowski (stepdaughter), (back row, from left) Doug Sloney (friend), and Yvonne Dandurand (friend).

Marion attended Central Christian Church on 16th & G St. for 25 years, and in 1950 started volunteering at the Valley Light House for the Blind.  She also volunteered with the “Indoor Sport & Outdoor Sport” as a “Good Sport Helper.” The “Indoor Sport & Outdoor Sport” was a nonprofit organization that helped people with disabilities and referred to their volunteers as “Good Sports”.

One of Marion’s passions was to volunteer with the San Bernardino AARP Chapter 224, where she served as their Secretary-Treasurer for over 50 years.  AARP Chapter 224 was a Ballroom Dancing group that at one time had its own live band.  Two of Marion’s favorite restaurants are the Mexico Café and the old Mediterranean Restaurant on Highland Ave. 

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Marion is a low-tech senior, meaning she does not own a computer, has a mobile phone but doesn’t use it.  Bingo at the Knights of Columbus is one of her joys, and she plays crossword puzzles often.  Marion has been a big time Dodgers fan for over 75 years and has been a Lakers fan since 1947! On a side note, what was happing in our country when Marion was born?  In 1918 World War I ended, a patent for the Enigma Machine was filed, the Torque wrench was invented, the pop-up toaster was invented, the Spanish Flu became a pandemic and everyone was forced to wear a facemask. 

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