Mastodons! San Bernardino County Museum’s newest exhibit opens June 11

courtesy photo/san bernardino county museum The San Bernardino County Museum will unveil its newest exhibit, Mastodon! June 11. The exhibit features a mother mastodon, a calf and information on several of the prehistoric elephants that roamed San Bernardino County during the Ice Age.

It’s huge. It’s harry. It’s millions of years old.

The San Bernardino County Museum is getting ready to unveil its ‘largest’ exhibit June 11 — Mastodons!

Museum visitors can stroll through the Hall of Geology and Paleontology and step back into the Ice Age with the time’s largest mammals and learn all about the prehistoric elephants — mastodons, mammoths, and gomphotheres — that once roamed San Bernardino County, said museum spokeswoman, Jennifer Reynolds. “Several mastodon and prehistoric elephant fossils have been in the San Bernardino County and we’re very excited to introduce the mastodon and the fossil exhibit, they go hand in hand. I feel (the exhibit) is really going to give people a good sense of what the Ice Age must have been like in the county.”

The new exhibit, at the entrance of the Geology Hall, will feature a full-size mastodon mother and calf along with new information about the prehistoric elephants in the region. The mastodons help round out the Life to Death to Discovery diorama that culminates in a recreated dig to recover mastodon fossils.

“Until you’ve stood next to a mastodon, you have no idea just how huge these animals were,” said Melissa Russo, the museum’s director, in a news release. “Once kids get a chance to get up close and personal with a mastodon, we’re sure they’ll be excited to continue to explore, dream, and discover more about fossils and about our regional natural heritage.”

While the exhibit opens to the public June 11, Museum Association members will get a sneak peak of the unveiling June 10. The family-style party includes a barbeque picnic and a screening of Ice Age. The event is also open to those who join the association the day of, Reynolds said.

The San Bernardino County Museum is at 2024 Orange Tree Lane in Redlands.

General admission is $10 for adults, $8 for military personnel and seniors, $7 for students and $5 for children 5 to 12. To learn more, call 909-307-2669 or visit the museum online at

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