Mother’s Day visit during coronavirus lockdown

Photo Ricardo Tomboc: Della Lowe (left) and daughter Linda Braniff having a telephonic window visit!
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A Mother’s Day visit with 81-year-old Della Lowe, got a little complicated this year. Della lives at the Villas of San Bernardino Assisted Living facility where all the residents are on a strict Coronavirus lockdown. However, a modified visiting routine is an option for most residents.

Della’s daughter, Linda Braniff of San Bernardino sits on a chair next to a large window by the patio entrance to the facility. Della sits inside the room adjacent to the patio by the window where she can see her daughter, Linda. Because of the double insulated glass windowpanes, which are designed to be soundproof, it makes it difficult to have a normal conversation. The solution, cellphones are provided to the residents so that they can converse and still be able to see each other through the window. Residents must make appointments for these special window visits since space is limited.

Caretakers at the Villas are taking all needed precautions to protect their residents for any exposure to COVID-19. No personal contact is allowed with any of the residents. However, regular visits from family members are encouraged. Even the residents within the facility are protected from each other when possible.

Linda Braniff says that she tries to visit her mother at least once a week. Della does get visits from other family members as well. Della seems to be very understanding and calm during this crisis; which may have to do with her years of working in the healthcare industry as an X-Ray Technician.

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