Over 120 bags of trash collected in Colton since start of new year

Photo Dr. G : One of the city’s most notorious dumping grounds is located along the curb on Rancho Avenue, between the old Cal Portland entrance and Agua Mansa. Pictured is 4th District Councilman Dr. G (Luis S. Gonzalez) during his twice-weekly cleanup efforts in his district.
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Colton’s Fourth District City Councilman Dr. G has coordinated an initiative to clean up the city one trash bag at a time.

Although he’s been cleaning the city for over 6 years, since the start of 2021 Dr. G’s “City Talk – G Team” has picked up over 120 bags of trash in and around Colton’s fourth district.

“The G Team currently consists of four members including Sharon, Christina, Nellie (who is 82 years old) and I,” said Dr. G. “Every Tuesday and Thursday morning we’re out there cleaning up the city and I’m always looking for more participants, even if you can help once…anyone is more than welcome to join.”

Points of focus often include Rancho Avenue and Congress Street, along with the downtown area.

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“Much of the trash that we pick up in more centralized locations include cups, napkins, and fast-food packaging. Along the freeway entrances we often find clothing, car parts, wood, and all types of trash. And in alleyways throughout Colton you can find larger items such as furniture, tires, and a ton of other random items,” continued Dr. G.

One item of nuisance around the city involves the trash thrown on the floor near bus stops when a trash can is literally steps away.

“When cleaning up the city we’ll often find an influx of trash near bus stops and homeless encampments. I’ve also been in the McDonald’s parking lot and have literally seen a person throw their garbage out the window, so I went and picked it up,” said Dr. G.

He credits his love and pride for Colton as his reason for taking the initiative to clean the city every week.

“I do this because Colton is my hometown and I don’t like looking at trash on my street or any street. There continues to be so much trash throwing and illegal dumping in our alleys…and that’s the reason why I will continue to help beautify our city in any way that I can,” concluded Dr. G.

To anyone interested in assisting the G Team beautify the city, contact Dr. G directly at (909) 213-3730. Colton residents can utilize CR&R Environmental Services and it offers five bulk item pick-ups free of charge. For more information, call (909) 370-3377.

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