“People’s Champion” Stacey Navas ready to leave Cardinal City “step by by step”

iecn photo courtesy Hubbs Foundation 2014 San Bernardino High School graduate Stacie Navas will progress with highest recommendations from Cardinal City administration.


Both Navas and Hubbs Award winning boy athlete at SBHS Giovani Rivera faced serious scrutiny. School coaches Jason and Josh Doty’s father John was a four-year teammate of Hubbs at Colton High. Hubbs and John Doty were on the 1954 Colton little League team that played in the title game in Williamsport. Cardinal football coach Jeff Imbiani’s uncle was a contemporary of Hubbs. SBHS teacher John Finkleman is on the Hubbs Foundation Board of Directors.

“I never heard of Ken Hubbs and I honestly did not think I was working hard enough to earn the award. I guess I did. I found out later how big the Hubbs Award is,” said Navas. “No. I never made all-league in anything but many players in the San Andreas League said I should of.” Navas was a four varsity member of the SBHS soccer team. She played volleyball and was on the track team for three years. She ran cross country as a freshman. Navas said she was motivated before every game by her father’s advice through text messages in Spanish. Her parents came to America from Guatemala.

Mills said that Navas earned her honors and respect on campus, including being presented team “Captain’s Awards” and the “Cardinal Award.” Navas was happy with a sash and medal for playing soccer at SBHS. Her volleyball coach Kim Imbriani presented her a sweater with the school logo embroidered on it. “The Hubbs Foundation gave me a fantastic watch and 50th year pin. I received a lot,” said Navas, whose sister Nancy played soccer at SBHS and just graduated from the University of Redlands.

Stacie Navas is an aspiring veterinarian who will attend Cal State Monterey Bay next year on scholarship and major in marine biology. The days of taking 0 period college preparatory classes at SBHS at 6:20 a.m. are now over. “My first college class is at 1:00 p.m. It is paradise.” Navas will play club soccer her first year and then go out for the school team as a sophomore.

“I can see Stacie playing defense on a college soccer team. We will keep in contact with her,” said Mills. “I can see her coming back to SBHS as a coach. She would be a great one.” Mills said that Navas filled in wherever needed on the track team. “I could do a lot of events but none that outstanding. I qualified for the league finals in the high jump and long jump.” Navas spent numerous hours volunteering as a member of the school’s Soboban Club. At church, she taught elementary students and helped taking care of baby’s. “I’m now ready to move on and start something new. New places, new people, new adventures. I’m told a lot will happen and change in the next four years. I’m ready.” Navas keeps in mind a quote she once heard: “There are no shortcuts to life’s greatest achievements.” She then recalled the saying her mother told her before school every morning at 6:00 a.m.: “Day by day, step by step.”


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