Pizza sales donations to help Sgt. Powers pay for recovery

Courtesy Photo: Sgt. Brad Powers was severely wounded in the Las Vegas mass shooting on Oct. 1. The community has helped raised over $30,000 for his recovery efforts.
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Local community leaders gathered at Nickelodeon Pizza on October 26 to raise money to cover the medical expenses of Sgt. Brad Powers, who was wounded during the Las Vegas mass shooting on October 1.

Powers, who has served as a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy for 19 years, was shot in the leg and was hospitalized immediately. At time of publication, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department had not yet provided an update on his condition.

Nickelodeon Pizza Owner and Bloomington Municipal Advisory Council Member Gary Grossich made the decision to hold a fundraiser for Powers because he felt it was the right thing to do.

“I wanted to make something positive out of it,” he said.

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Grossich confirmed that 25 percent of the day’s sales went towards Powers’ health recovery efforts.

Bloomington MAC Chairman Larry Burgos said Powers always provided updated and presentations regarding law enforcement efforts–expressing his appreciation for the Deputy’s commitment to public safety. He also applauded Grossich for his philanthropic spirit.

“It was very tragic what happened to Sgt. Powers and everyone involved,” said Burgos. “Gary’s efforts demonstrate what we’re all about. He’s a part of the [Bloomington MAC] family.”

Grand Terrace Councilwoman Sylvia Robles, who attended the fundraiser at Nickelodeon with her husband and grandchildren, believes fundraising events helps victims of the shooting alleviate financial concerns.

“We think it’s important that those facing financial hardship deserve our support,” said Robles.

There was a fundraiser held for Powers at the  J. Riley Distillery in Redlands in early October. A GoFundMe account was established to help raise money for medical treatments. As of October 31, the community has raised $33,623 for Powers.

Colton resident Vince Castro, who helped Grossich set up for the event, said they are considering holding another fundraiser.

“It’s all about [Powers] and his recovery,” Castro said. “It’s important we help our law enforcement officers out in their times of need.”

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