Rialto police officer thanked for selfless act

courtesy photo/rialto police Rialto police Ofc. Victor Herrera.

The Christmas spirit is abound in Rialto.

We received a call at IECN Dec. 21 from a woman who wished to remain unidentified and go simply as “a homeless 66-year-old woman living in her car.”

She humbly shared a story of a Rialto police officer named “V. Herrera” who went above and beyond his role of service.

She explained that Herrera stopped his squad car to check up on her after receiving a call from a citizen. After having a short conversation, he drove off.

But to her surprise, he returned about 15 minutes later, got out of his car and handed her some money to help her out.

Not checking the amount he handed her, the woman said she was just thankful to have received any help at all. Moments later, she opened her palm and was instantly overwhelmed by the amount — $100.

She felt she needed to share her experience and let the community know how kind Herrera was in his actions by taking the time to help someone in need.

On behalf of the “homeless 66-year-old woman living in her car” and the IECN team, Rialto police Ofc. Victor Herrera, thank you for spreading Christmas cheer and making this holiday one to remember.



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