Rosie’s Victory

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Rosie Quijada is a great example to others that live with diabetes and want to take steps towards controlling the disease for the sake of their health. Rosie started a focused training workout and nutrition program back in April of this year and made a commitment to take control of her health by doing everything within her capability to combat her diabetes. Before making the decision to begin a regular workout regimen and improve her daily nutrition intake, Rosie’s daily medication requirement consisted of prescribed medication to help control her blood sugar levels. Fast forward to today and Rosie happily announced that her doctor reduced her prescription from two to one pill daily.

Rosie’s new goal is to rid all prescribed medication from her daily requirement while continuing to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle through exercise and proper nutrition. This is a GREAT victory that means so much to Rosie because it shows how she is taking back control of her health and life on her terms. In addition, Rosie’s victory can serve as an example to others currently battling diabetes and show that victory against the disease is possible if you are willing to make changes. If you would like to watch Rosie and I announce her victory on video, head over to my blog at

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