San Bernadino City Unified School Board honors October Outstanding Students

Photo SBCUSD:  Del Rosa Elementary School Outstanding Students Raymond Montes and Grayson Lewis.
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The San Bernardino City Unified School District Board of Education honored 11 students with Outstanding Student Awards at the October 15, 2019, Board meeting. Students were also recognized by the San Bernardino Symphony, which provided them and their families with free symphony tickets, and Assembly member James Ramos, who provided each student with a Certificate of Recognition.

Outstanding Student Award winners are recognized for achievement in academics, athletics, fine arts, citizenship, or for showing significant improvement in these areas. Students are awarded and inspired to have hope for their future by thinking about long-term educational and career goals.

Davidson Elementary School Outstanding Students

Sixth-grader Mileyon Edwards models the behavior that Davidson hopes for in all students. She is responsible and respectful in class and across the campus. Mileyon wants to become a nurse or a hair stylist in the future.

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Third-grader Alfonso Del Toro Vasquez has made the greatest improvement in his reading skills. He has mastered more than 200 new sight words in one year. Alfonso is considering a career as a truck driver.

Fifth-grader Natan Mejia is courteous and thoughtful. He is always concerned about others and takes time to make sure his classmates and teachers are having a good day. He wants to become a pilot.

Del Rosa Elementary School Outstanding Students

Third-grader Grayson Lewis has excellent behavior and character. He is on an upward trajectory in academics and athletics. He strives to be #1 by learning from his mistakes. Grayson plans to graduate from UCLA.

Fifth-grader Breanna Martinez is respectful, responsible, and helpful. She loves playing basketball and models good sportsmanship. She can brag that she was the only girl on the school’s basketball and flag football teams. Breanna wants to join the WNBA someday.

Fifth-grader Raymond Montes works hard and always goes above and beyond, excelling in both math and language arts. He demonstrates great citizenship and is willing to help others. Raymond loves working with computers and wants to have his own YouTube channel someday.

Newmark Elementary School Outstanding Students

Fifth-grader Rene Cervantes has demonstrated exceptional growth in both English-language arts and math. He continues to show progress both academically and socially, and his dedication has paid off. Rene wants to be an inventor and a YouTuber when he gets older.

First-grader Kristy Sullivan has shown what hard work and dedication can do. She has been working with the speech and language pathologist, and in one year she met all of her goals. Kristy plans to take that can-do spirit and apply it to becoming a firefighter.

Sixth-grader Alexia Uribe is a model student and a member of the student council. She is very outgoing, has excellent communication skills, and does well in both language arts and math. Alexia wants to attend college, but she hasn’t decided on her major yet.

Sierra High School Outstanding Students

Twelfth-grader Francisco Curiel has demonstrated great improvement. He has gone from passing one class per block to passing all of his classes this block. His new sense of dedication will take him far.

Eleventh-grader Rick Duque-Kham is attentive and respectful. He has nearly perfect attendance and is usually the first Sierra scholar to complete an assigned task. Rick plans to attend Valley College before transferring to UTI and becoming an auto mechanic.

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