San Bernardino Police Foundation awards its $ 10,000 donors

Photos Ricardo Tomboc: San Bernardino Police Foundation board members, from left: Brett McPherson, Rachel Clark, Dr. Margaret Hill, Susan Stevens and Ryan English.
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The San Bernardino Police Foundation(SBPF) recognized several of its donors during the last baseball game of the season at the San Manuel Stadium on Thursday, August 31. Those recognized were Loma Linda University Health, Hillwood Corporation, Cal State San Bernardino, Stater Brothers, and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rail.

Each of the awardees made contributions of at least $ 10,000. These donations were used to purchase protective equipment for police officers.

Specialized high impact bullet proof vests were among equipment purchased. These vests are designed to protect the officers against high-power large caliber type weapons, like the ones used during the December 2nd terrorist attack at the Inland Regional Center (IRC).

High-power rifles have been purchased and issued to the officers that will provide them additional protection in the field.

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The SBPF is a separate entity and is not affiliated with the City of San Bernardino.   The monies acquired through the SBPF are not figured into the city’s budget, nor can the city dictate its expenditures.

Most of the Foundation’s board members include several people of the community.

According to the SBPF website, “The Foundation’s mission is to enhance public safety in San Bernardino through support of the San Bernardino Police Department by supporting and funding safety, technology, crime fighting, and community programs.”

The plaques awarded to each organization read “In honor of your charitable contribution to the San Bernardino Police Foundation. Your generosity has allowed for the improvement of the officer safety and has strengthened our community through new youth programs. The support you have provided has made a profound impact on the betterment of San Bernardino and we thank you.”

Photos Ricardo Tomboc: San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan (far left) and Assistant Chief Eric McBride (far right) pose with the representatives from Loma Linda University Health.

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