SB Day at LA County Fair

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The LA County Fair has partnered with the City of San Bernardino for the second year to host San Bernardino Community Day on Friday, September 8, 2017. Each year, the LA County Fair recognizes a “Community Hero”—an individual who works tirelessly to impact their community. This year, the City of San Bernardino will celebrate San Bernardino Unified School District Board President, Mrs. Margaret Hill, who is known around the community for much more than her participation on the City’s School Board.

Mrs. Hill is actively involved in Kiwanis of Greater San Bernardino, Inland Center Kiwanis Club, East Valley Corporate YMCA, San Bernardino Black Culture Foundation, Community Hospital of San Bernardino, National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc., Delta Rho Chapter, Time for Change Foundation, and the San Bernardino Police Advisory Committee.

Her work has inspired people communitywide, and her commitment to the City has contributed to the development of the City’s Strategic Plan and the overall direction of the City.

Residents and partners of San Bernardino will gain access to the fair on September 8th at a discounted cost of $8.00. Residents may pick up fliers from various locations in San Bernardino including, the Information Center at 290 N. D Street and local community centers. Information related to this event is scheduled to be in City of San Bernardino water bill inserts until September 8, 2017. Tickets can be accessed at the following URL: Promo Code: sbernardino8.

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