SB Police Dept. honors 10 officers during annual ceremony

Photo Ricardo Tomboc: The San Bernardino Police Department recognizes officers each year for their heroicism and bravery. Police Chief Jarrod Burguan, far right, and Assistant Chief Eric McBride, far left, bestowed medals to officers during a ceremony on Thursday, Oct. 19 at the Inland Valley Development Agency.
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The San Bernardino Police Department held its 2017 Awards Ceremony on Thursday, Oct. 19, where nine officers were recognized for their achievements. The ceremony was open officers’ families, city employees, the Mayor’s Office, and Council members. The ceremony was held at the Inland Valley Development Agency’s boardroom.

Assistant Chief McBride opened the ceremony with the Pledge of Allegiance and some opening remarks, while Chaplain Ray Miller delivered the invocation. A short “PowerPoint” presentation was used to introduce the nine officers, who were given the opportunity to relate their personal stories of bravery, heroism, and valor for which the medals were being bestowed. Following their recounts Police Chief Jarrod Burguan and Assistant Chief McBride bestowed medals to each recipient.

There were ten award recipients; however, only nine were present with their families to share in this special occasion. The awardees received various medals for their heroic actions during the past year.

The “Live Saving Medals” were awarded to Officer Alex Cerritos, Officer William Porch, Officer Ryan Thornburg, and Detective Devin Peck. The “Star of Merit Medals” were awarded to Officer Dominick Martinez and Officer Myra Doner. “Police Cross Medals” were awarded to Sergeant Josh Simpson and Officer Brandon Koch. Officer Anthony Iwami was not able to attend this ceremony but received his “Life Saving Medal” at an earlier event.

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Council members Virginia Marques, Fred Shorett, and Benito Barrios were present during the ceremony and took time to congratulate the recipients. Although Mayor Davis was not in town, Christopher Lopez, the Mayor’s Chief of Staff, was there to represent him.

The San Bernardino Police Department holds its Awards Ceremony once a year.

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