School district honors October outstanding students

IECN photo courtesy SBCUSD: The Board of Education honored three Henry Elementary School students as Outstanding Student Award winners for October 2017. They are Jonathan Pinto, 4th grade; Kimberly Hernandez Gonzalez, 6th grade; and Javier Reyes Cruz, 5th grade.
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The San Bernardino City Unified School District Board of Education honored 12 students with an Outstanding Student Award at the October 17, 2017, Board meeting.

Outstanding Student Award winners are recognized for achievement in academics, athletics, fine arts, or citizenship or for showing significant improvement in these areas. Students are encouraged to have hope for the future by thinking about their long-term educational and career goals.

Gomez Elementary School Outstanding Students

Sixth-grader Adilene Bonilla is a hard-working student with an excellent vocabulary. She is also a role model and a leader, both in and out of the classroom. Adilene wants to attend CSUSB and become an FBI agent.

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Sixth-grader Bethzy Fuentes Salcido is determined and diligent, which is why she shines in every subject. She is also a responsible, model student who always practices respect for others. Bethzy wants to become a primary care doctor or a Harvard-educated lawyer.

Sixth-grader Isaias Martinez is a bright and energetic student with impressive critical-thinking skills. He clearly values education and puts his all into completing his assignments. Isaias wants to go to college and become an engineer.

Henry Elementary School Outstanding Students

Sixth-grader Kimberly Hernandez Gonzalez is always on task and is committed to making improvements in all subjects. She is willing to ask for help when she needs it and to help others when she can. Kimberly hasn’t decided on a career, but she knows she needs to work hard in school.

Fourth-grader Jonathan Pinto is constantly improving himself. He loves math and completing word problems. He supports his classmates by encouraging them to do their best and helping them when he can. Jonathan wants to become a police officer.

Fifth-grader Javier Reyes Cruz is an outstanding citizen who always puts forth his best effort and is a role model for his classmates. He has been working at or above grade level in all subjects since August. Javier wants to attend UCR and become a professional soccer player.

Bing Wong Elementary School Outstanding Students

Second-grader Tyree Hollins is a great scholar and person. He excels in all subjects. He is always polite and well spoken. He follows school rules and has an outstanding work ethic. Tyree hasn’t decided on a career yet, but he knows he wants to go to college and learn about outer space and skeletons.

Fifth-grader Jezelle Romo is a great role model. She always tries her best and has an upbeat attitude. She loves learning, contributes to class discussions, and enjoys researching topics that interest her. Jezelle is thinking about careers in zoology, veterinary medicine, or real estate.

Sixth-grader Ezra Ruiz is a student ambassador and one of the faces of Bing Wong’s Dangerous City videos. He is a top student in math and language arts, working above his grade level. And, he is a familiar face in the iSTEAM lab. Ezra wants to become a structural engineer.

Curtis Middle School Outstanding Students

Eighth-grader Amy Barrios is the perfect role model.  She excels in all her classes and inspires her classmates through her work habits and willingness to improve herself. Amy hasn’t chosen a career path yet, but her teacher is sure she will go far no matter what she decides.

Eighth-grader Fernando Cruz-Rodriguez is a phenomenal student. He continually works to improve himself, and he is currently applying that drive on a STEM project designed to help teachers become more efficient. Fernando wants to attend UCLA and become a civil engineer.

Eighth-grader Brisa Guzman-Puente is a detail-oriented problem solver. When she sees a need, she devotes herself to solving the problem. She strives to push herself to be the best she can be. Brisa wants to attend college to learn how to help animals as a veterinarian or an animal rescue worker.

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