School district Pathway to Success Series: CARE Academy at GT High

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The CARE Pathway at Grand Terrace High School is one of nine Linked Learning Pathways in the Colton Joint Unified School District and prepares students for a variety of medical careers through a focused academic program as well as hands-on learning experiences designed to fully immerse students in the field. There are currently 240 students enrolled in the CARE Pathway.

CARE is just one of the many career exploration opportunities the Colton Joint Unified School Districts offers students. In addition to the Linked Learning Pathways — which integrate aspects of designated career pathways into all academic courses taken by students enrolled in that pathway — CJUSD also offers 23 Career Technical Education course sequences in a vast selection of fields. Examples include cyber security, automotive and the new STEAM (Science, Technology, Art and Mathematics) shop. These opportunities are offered in partnership with the Colton, Redlands and Yucaipa Regional Occupational Program (CRYROP).

The CARE pathway includes two routes students may take: Emergency Medical Response and Certified Medical Assistant. Both are designed to help students to start in their careers upon graduation from high school, or to be well-prepared for further study in the field. In addition to curriculum focused on the medical field, students also learn practical skills, such as taking vital signs and giving injections.

“If they’re interested in the medical field, but they don’t know exactly what they want to do, this helps them to find it,” noted Sarah Stottlemyer, lead CARE Pathway teacher.

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Junior Hailey Myers, 16, hopes to pursue a career as a trauma surgeon and thinks the pathway has given her a good start.

“I love the CARE Pathway. It’s such a great experience. We learn so much,” she noted. “Even my English class is based on the pathway I want to be in.”

Joanna Guerrero, 16, also hopes to be a trauma surgeon and believes the CARE Pathway is helping her to get there.

“All the way, our classes are connected,” she said. “I love helping people. I have so much passion for this career.”

How you can help:

Our Pathway programs appreciate support from our community! Here are some ways you can help the CARE Pathway:

  • Offer job shadowing opportunities at your business
  • Serve as a guest speaker
  • Provide donations for medical supplies to support hands-on activities
  • Offer field trip opportunities
  • Mentor students (such as helping them gain interview skills)

To find out more about the CARE Pathway or to get involved, contact teacher Sarah Stottlemyer at or Kenneth Soldmann at

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